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PM Narendra Modi says, “No one has captured or entered Indian Territory in All-Party Meet”

Our country entered this week with intense sorrow as over 20 Indian soldiers including commanding officer got martyred in the clash of Indio – China war. On June 15th, Monday the soldiers were killed and by Wednesday their mortals were wrapped in tricolour and taken to their native places as the nation bids them farewell.

Regarding the current situation, India’s Prime Minister – Narendra Modi arranges a virtual meeting with the officials of all the political parties and there he speaks, “In today’s important subject we all degentories and your viewpoints are important. We all are into protecting our border and the credit goes to our brave soldiers who stand like a rock mountain. We appreciate their efforts, bravery, skill and sense, the nation keeps an unbreakable trust in our soldiers.

In this meet, I assure the families of the martyrs that the whole nation is with them and they bow down to the efforts of the soldiers. The thing that happened in East Ladakh and regarding the same speech was delivered by Defense Minister and Foreign Minister. It conveyed that there is/was no Chinese troops that have/had captured Indian base.

Due to the invasion of the Chinese troops near Line of Actual Control (LAC) the whole country is in anger. Our troops are ready to do everything and thus we have given the liberty to them to take proper actions according to the requirement at their level at the same time we have also given a warning to China as well. India wants peace and friendship but when it comes to sovereignty India will not stay clam. In recent few years to improve border area we have developed good infrastructure and due to this the transfer of good has become easier.”

PM concludes by giving a vote of thanks and says, “I thank you all for your valuable time and suggestions, we look surely look forward to it in the upcoming situations. Thank you once again.”

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