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PM stressed on the benefits of yoga on International Yoga Day says, ‘Pranayam builds Immunity and helps in Covid-19 fight’

For the first time ‘Yoga day’ instituted on June 21, 2015,. This year’s theme is “Yoga reception and Yoga with Family” thanks to covid-19.

On addressing the nation on Yoga Day 21st June 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed on the benefits of yoga and how it would help the world in fighting coronavirus pandemic. “Yoga helps us during this fight against this pandemic. The pranayamas help us in building immunity and resolving respiratory illnesses.”

Highlighting the importance of yoga, PM Modi requested citizens to include yoga in regular life. “All folks do yoga reception with the family. International Day of Yoga gives a message of universal brotherhood. Yoga gives us mental peace and helps in bringing positivity. If we will fine-tune our chords of health and hope, the day isn’t distant when the world will witness the success of healthy and happy humanity. Yoga can definitely help us make this happen.” PM Modi also said that the planet is feeling the necessity for yoga more seriously than ever thanks to the corona pandemic.

“If our immunity is strong then we get great help in defeating this disease. There are many methods of yoga, many types of asanas to increase immunity. Those asanas increase the strength of our body, strengthen our metabolism.

The covid-19 virus specifically attacks our respiratory system. The one that helps in strengthening our Respiratory system the most is Pranayama, i.e. breathing exercise,” he said.

The prime minister said that Yoga is “Force for Unity and Deepens the bonds of humanity”. “Yoga enhances our quest for a healthier planet. It has emerged as a force for unity and deepens the bonds of humanity. It does not discriminate. It goes beyond race, colour, gender, faith, and nations,” he said.

He, further, underlined that with Yoga, one can overcome crises and win. “Yoga also gives us confidence and moral spirit so that we can overcome crises and win. Yoga gives us peace of mind, also provides restraint and stamina. Swami Vivekananda used to say- an ideal person is one who is active even in the most uninhabited, and experiences complete peace even in extreme mobility,” he said.

“The meaning of Yoga is – ‘ Samtvam Yoga Uchhyate ‘, that is, the name of compatibility-adversity, success-failure, happiness-crisis, staying the same in every situation, remaining steadfast,” he said.

For the primary time since it had been instituted on the summer solstice, 2015, Yoga Day celebrations are going to be held virtually thanks to coronavirus. This year’s theme is “Yoga reception and Yoga with Family”.

The proposal to watch Yoga Day was introduced by PM Narendra Modi in his address during the opening of the 69th Session of the overall Assembly in 2014. The World Health Organization (WHO) mentions yoga as a means of the way to improve health in its Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018–2030: More active people for a healthier world.

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