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Pope Francis delivered his Easter Sunday mass Live to Catholics all around the world

The head of the catholic Church usually delivers his Easter mass to a congregation of tens of thousands in st.peter square. An “epochal challenge ” posed by the corona virus pandemic hitting the whole world , instead of that pope Francis broke with centuries of tradition to livestream. This forced the world’s catholic to improvise their holiest day. So that the pontiff, 83 years old head of catholic addresses the world’s 1.3 billion Catholics from an empty saint paul’s cathedral at a ceremony attended by just a handful of priests. He also offered thanks to nurses, patrol, doctors who worked not infrequently at expense of their lives. He also offered encouragement to them.

The Pope’s virtual prayers shows the religious improvisation of physical distancing and confinement. He said ,” This challenge We are facing is shared by all, without distinguishing between persons.” Francis also offers special prayers for the sick, the dead, the poor. Francis told that it was important to keep hope during the pandemic. The worshippers under lockdown also take part in online services. He said that, “It is a new and living hope that comes from God. Police formed a block on the outside of the cathedral to stop any worshippers who might try to come in for the occasion.

A sayings attract me : Mr Welby , head of church of England, saying that “After so much suffering, so much heroism from key workers, we cannot be content to go back to what was before as if all is normal”. Let us silence the cries of death , no more wars! May we stop production , since we need breed not guns,”. This celebration usually takes place in a church packed with 10,000 people, was closed to the public and attended by only about two dozen, including a few servers. ” Darkness and death do not have the last word” said pantiff. It all depends on our thoughts, which can change anything in the world. Close your eyes and Just pray to God thanks for giving security to those not affected.

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