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State Governments are working to deliver the essential items to the people living in the Covid19 hotspots to restrict the movement

Various State Governments are working to deliver essential items to the people living in the areas identified as covid19 hotspots at their doorsteps to restrict the movement, a senior official said pm Sunday.

COVID 19 hotspots have been identified to spread the deadly covid19 virus among the
people, now have been declared in diverse districts of the country by their respective state government.
The joint secretary of the Union home ministry, Punya Salila Srivastava, said to the reporters about her ministry which has been reiterated to all the states and Union territories and that inter-state and Intra-states movement for all kinds of goods has been allowed. The vehicle which are transporting these goods have been currently permitted to play unrestricted.

During her conversations with the media, She said that” the state government has been
working to make sure that essential commodities are being provided door-to-door in the said hotspot area ensuring that people do not go out of their homes in any cases.
“For catering to the needs of people in providing these commodities, the state government has also been taking the help of volunteers and civil society organizations”, said Punya Salila Srivastava.

To contain the spread of disease, the respective state government of each state has
surveyed properly and declared certain hotspots, to contain the spread of the disease.
Movement of people has been strictly prohibited in such areas and those who are found
guilty of violating the protocol are also being taught a lesson. Such areas are continuously being monitored round- the -clock by the police officials and civic authorities as well.

Punya Salila Srivastava the joint secretary of the ministry said that the Ministry of Home
Affairs(MHA) has made it clear to the states and Union Territories again that there is no
restriction implied to the inter-state and intra-state movement of cargo irrespective of it being an essential good or any other item According to one of the officers, the godowns and cold stores are also allowed to keep all types of goods. Godowns that are placed in the premises of the company are also added in the exempted category in the list which specifies allowance of services during the Lockdown nationwide.

All the authorities of the states have also given the orders to ensure that the carriers and
laborers supplying these essential goods manufacturing units are able to easily avail the
passes so that they do not face any obstructions and ensure the proper functioning of these units, said Srivastava.
Looking at the measures that are being taken to provide food to the stranded and needy and undertaking the awareness of the about pandemic, Srivastava said “ at some places even the army units have come forward to help with providing services to the needy people during the pandemic outburst”.

Srivastava said that as far as the availability of the essential commodities is the concern, the situation is under control.
In the control room of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the representative of the ministry of
railways, consumer affairs, civil aviation, and other officials are involved in resolving all kinds of logistic problems coming forward in coordination with the state government.
The officers also requested the people to follow the ‘Cyberdost’ twitter handle that is being run by the Ministry of Home Affairs. This is done to give information about measures to combat cybercrimes, especially the financial ones. Further, they said that it is being acted upon since any people are working from home in the wake of the lockdown ongoing in the country.

Punya Salila Srivastava, even said that people now have the facility to register their
complaints if they encounter a cybercrime at the portal of the government,cybercrime.gov.in.

The officer added “ we are sure with these measures in place we will be able to have
security and safety in cyberspace.

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