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Punjab based JCT Limited comes up with an ‘anti-infective’ range of wearables for life post lockdown

With the end of lockdown insight, the question is ‘how are we going to deal with the virus after this lockdown’. Without a vaccine, this does not mean the end of the virus. Without proper precautions, the virus outbreak would occur as soon as the people start roaming out.

Along with the masks, sanitizers, people are looking for protective wear.
JCT Limited in Punjab has come up with a solution for that. JCT has been manufacturing anti-infective medical wear for the last 15 years to Europe, the USA, and the UK. With the new situation, the JCT will now be launching a new line for India, as this would be the new normal. The new range is also indigenous and Swedish firm’s technology would improve the wearability of the garment by making it softer and more comfortable.

The new wear would be similar to what everyone has been wearing; except for the fact that there would be another coverall, with the properties which will deter the formation of bacteria and virus. Also, care is being taken to ensure that the new range would suit the Indian climatic conditions; thus making it user-friendly.

The new range has been named JCT’s ‘VB Go’ which stands for ‘Viral Bacteria Go’. This range includes school uniforms, industrial coveralls, safety wear for the hospitality industry, and other segments.

This is necessary now, and would slowly become normal. Post lockdown, people would be roaming with an anti-infective coverall, mask, sanitizer, and get used to it; at least until the vaccine is found.

For ‘VB Go’, JCT has partnered with Sweden-based Polygiene AB to use the latter’s patented ‘Viral Off’ anti-viral technology in its new range.
They have already started manufacturing masks for affordable prices; which have been sent to Japan and the UK for testing.

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