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Punjab CM announces shops to remain open from 9 am to 1 pm in green and orange zones

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has declared on Saturday that shops will be opened from morning 9 am- 1 pm in the orange and green zones Sunday onwards. The red and containment zones will still be under strict surveillance and no relaxations will be given in these areas.

Previously the shops were operating between 7 am – 11 am. But people from different districts urged the state to make alterations for the timings and let the shops open after 9 in the morning.

The problem was put forward during a Cabinet meeting and the majority have accorded of the timings to be changed in lieu of public interest.
The Chief Secretary was assigned the responsibility to convey the necessary instructions to the Deputy Commissioners for the change made.
Singh has also ordered the police department to take stringent actions against those found stepping out from homes without wearing a mask.

He also stated that people will have to follow the guidelines issued by the state as the relaxations have been given for their convenience and not to pointlessly roam around.
Further, with section 144 strictly imposed, if anyone is found breaching these restrictions or trying to create chaos amidst such crisis, the police will be bound to take heavy actions against them.

The CM has also affirmed that they are trying their best to bring back its people stuck in other states and also to help those stranded in Punjab to get back to their native place.
The Centre has already been made aware of this issue and has been urged for special trains. This would take a few days as the Railways is currently trying to figure out the migration of people from southern India.

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