ICMR says over one million RT-PCR tests for detecting Covid-19 has been done in India

RT-PCR test over one million covid-19 on Saturday in India. Total Covid-19 cases raised up to 37,776. An ICMR official said that 10,40,000 test have been conducted on Saturday, of which 73,709 were done on Friday morning.

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According to the officials, Covid-19 has been scaled up to noteworthy over the last two months.
Till March 31, 47,852 tests were tested and till April 30, 9,02,654 samples were tested for the novel coronavirus infection, said the officials.

An official said, “The ICMR has reached a per day testing level of about 70,000 and has conducted 10,40,000 tests till Saturday evening”.
Director-General of ICMR Balram Bhargava recently said that “the entire scientific and medical community including the private sector to has energetically risen to the occasion.”

It is said that the throat/nasal swab test from RT-PCR is the best for diagnosis for Covid-19.
The RT-PCR is available for 292 government laboratories and 97 private facility sector. It starts with a single laboratory, the National Institute of Virology (NIV) is having 100 laboratories at the beginning of the lockdown.

Director-General Balram Bhargava also said “We have also decentralized the supple chain. The gold standard for Covid-19 testing remains and has remained the RT-PCR test which detects the novel coronavirus. This has been our principal strategy for testing.”

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