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Punjab CM says, ‘Lockdown extension in a state beyond June 30 will depend on the situation’

On Saturday Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said that the decision on further extension of lockdown in the state would depend on the situation. The final decision will be taken two-three days accordingly, he added.

In a recent Facebook live session, the CM said, “if we are able to control the pandemic then there would be no need for lockdown but if it goes out of control then we have no choice. Lockdowns were imposed for the safety of Punjab’s people.”. He added that the lockdown will be extended only if the situation of Covid-19 remained the same as before and the decision will be taken for the health and safety of the citizens.

The CM added that wearing masks in public areas is mandatory for the citizens. Around 4,024 people were found not wearing masks and 45 for spitting in a public area.

CM said that a meeting will be conducted in order to seek the University Grants Commission’s directions for the cancellation of the exams. In this meeting, the vice-chancellors of the colleges will meet the education department.

As private hospitals are overcharging the coronavirus patients, he said that the state government will fix up the rates for the charging of the patients and also for those who come in the poverty line.

The CM further mentioned that the situation completely depends on citizens. The people must follow the lockdown rules strictly and to not violate safety protocols. “It is in your hands,” Amarindar Singh told a Ludhiana resident.

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