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Punjab’s societal fabric Wears out as residents blame NRIs for increased spread of Covid-19 in the state


In India, Punjab’s societal fabric Wears out of residents blame NRIs for increasing spread of Coronavirus in the state. NRI are the Non resident Indian who are staying away from India for the purpose of employment. Is NRIs is reason behind the spread of Coronavirus?

Any are strongly agreed to this statement because the virus is active in China and some other countries. But it is rapidly spread along India. Only reason for the spread of Coronavirus is due the Non resident Indian. But in other hand, most of the NRIs are coming with the protective measures which save themselves and others for the disease.

“Complaint against NRIs”

They were a lot of compliments arose on non-resident Indian. They are moved out of India for the purpose of seeking employment, for business and some are moved due to transfer. Engineering students are migrated to foreign to work in multinational companies. some are travelling to complete their higher education. As Covid-19 effects is increasing in the various nation the NRIs are asked to stay in the same country as they are a national wide lockdown. This will help to protect the native Indians from the spread of Covid-19.

“Covid-19 attacks in Punjab”

Recently Punjab has attached to large extent, many corona patients are admitted in various hospitals and they are provided with medical supplies. This made Punjab’s societal fabric Wears to complaint against NRIs.

In India, Punjab had an increased population of Covid-19. Scientists are struggling to overcome the pandemic diseases. To stop the spread of Coronavirus, the government made national wide lockdown. If anyone is violating they can be arrested by the police and army. Though they were the lockdown, any were migrating to their native place. which causes the spread and any are affected.

“Lockdown migrant workers due to Covid-19”

The workers are migrated to support there family financial standard, They were struggling to increase the wages but they work only for ₹100 to ₹500 per day. This wages will help them to lead per day. Now Covid-19, which trends entire world. They were men and some children and women joined them. The police had tired to stop them but they continued the journey by walking to village. This created many issues men and the police. There are willing to stay in native place due to emotion to the police. their cries are came to government.


Covid-19 had became the thread to entire world, not only migrant workers and Non resident Indian are responsible for the spread of Coronavirus, each citizen of India are responsible. The effects due to corona virus is abandon and uncountable. Any were died because of this pandemic disease. As their is no medicine and doctors were struggling to find them. The countries such as china, Spain, France had faced huge loss. These workers rejected to go through buses and travelled to their villages by walking due to their lockdown, in order to avoid the crowds in major places the lockdown is implemented. scientists reveal first microscopic image of novel corona viruses. But the people and doctors must reveal the first medicine for this pandemic disease. people must be more aware to prevent them. Again, Cleanliness is next to godliness.

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