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Rahul Gandhi’s message to PM Narendra Modi, talk to CMs daily, make them partners in the COVID fight

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said as a suggestion to Prime Minister, Narendra
Modi to decentralize the power to fight the coronavirus. He mentions how to pm
Narendra Modi should involve the states in decision making and increase the
transparency of the system. It was his urge to hold regular conversations with the
chief ministers and make them partners in fighting this pandemic.

“The current fight is to decentralize I would like to urge the prime minister to talk to
the chief ministers not as a boss but as a colleague and as someone who is helping
them,” said Rahul Gandhi in a press conference.

“We should forget about BJP-ruled states or those rules by congress or other parties.
The demand of the moment is to work together with the Prime minister even though
it is not my place to suggest him something but in my opinion, he should call every
the chief minister and ask for their suggestion on the situation”.

He told through a press conference that the lockdown is not an on-off switch but a
the transition that we should cooperate in with the prime minister.
“We need to decentralize the power of dealing with the virus. If we keep it to PMO
we will lose. the prime minister must devolve power. A disaster will occur if we
centralize power. the prime minister has to trust the chief ministers and they, in
turn, will have to build trust on district magistrates” he said.

In his earlier conference with the media, he said how lockdown is not the strategy to
fight against the virus but acts like a pause button. There is an urgent need for a
strategy that could help to act wiser in the pandemic along with remembering the
urgent need to start the economy. We also need to ensure that after lifting the
lockdown the virus cannot reach for any human life.

He urged the government to tell about the criteria that would be used to lift the
lockdown or extend it after May 17 to the people. A reiteration of his demand to
transfer 50% cash direct to the account of people.

He said about the urgent need of restarting businesses “there is a need to start the
businesses immediately else there will be a catastrophe and we might end up
creating more problems. India is all about domestic consumptions and we need to
start the engine now. We are losing time I believe that there is a sense in the
government that this might lead to a large deficit and create problems externally.i
would tell them to stop worrying about that”.

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