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Rahul Gandhi says, ‘Govt is destroying the economy by refusing cash support to people’

On Saturday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the government of “actively destroying” the country’s economy by turning down to provide cash aid to people and small and medium enterprises as he labelled the Modi regime “Demon 2.0”.

The 49-year-old Congress leader took to Twitter to share a news report on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic would have on the economy and the state of affairs of the MSME sector in the country.

“Government is actively destroying our economy by refusing to give cash support to people and MSMEs. This is Demon 2.0,” he tweeted.
The Congress has also been demanding an economic stimulus package for the MSME sector, which not only provides the employment to a huge number of people but also cash in the hands of people, to assist in generating demand.

The Congress leader on Tuesday stated that it is criminal on the part of the government not to provide prompt cash aid to people and MSMEs to cope up with the economic crisis.

On his Twitter handle, he shared the charts on a number of COVID-19 cases in different countries and their lockdowns which reportedly showed how the nationwide lockdown in India since March 25 had not helped curb the transmission of COVID-19 in comparison to other nations. Gandhi shared the graph displaying COVID-19 cases in Italy, Spain, Germany, and the UK.

Rahul tweeted: “This is what a failed lockdown looks like.”
He dubbed the lockdown imposed by the government to control the transmission of the virus as one that “failed” in attaining its aim and purpose.

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