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BIGG BOSS SPOILER! Rahul Mahajan chooses “THIS” contestant to be the captain…

When we talk about Indian reality TV shows, it’s impossible to carry the conversation without bringing up Bigg Boss. The show, undoubtedly one of India’s biggest reality hits, has been running since 2006 and is currently on its 14th season.

As if the drama on the show wasn’t enough, the makers decided to add a little more spice to it by introducing Rahul Mahajan in the house as “Ek Din Ka Raja”. The housemates have to impress him and Rahul then gets to pick one of them as captain of the house.

The promo for the next episode doesn’t reveal much, piquing the curiosity of the audience. The housemates are seen plotting against each other, every one aiming for the captain position. The question comes back to us, “Who will Rahul select as the captain?”.


With about a month left for this season to end, the makers seem to be introducing new elements into the show to make it interesting. There is a lot of speculation about the evicted contestants re-entering the show next week. However, nothing has been confirmed yet and fans have to keep watching to see what happens next.

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