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Railway officials propose special trains for migrant workers to go home


Workers were moved from there village to as support their families, financial problem to the city. The migrant workers were working for low wages in the city. Due to Covid-19 breakdown, the migrant workers are affected a lot. They are not allowed to work so, the workers are decided to leave the city and move to the village. Their family members are waiting for their arrival. Amidst lockdown migrant workers choking Delhi and Up borders.

“Lockdown migrant workers due to Covid-19”

The workers are migrated to support the there family financial standard, They were struggling to increase the wages but they work only for ₹100 to ₹500 per day. This wages will help them to lead per day. Now Covid-19, which trends the entire world. The people made their travel by walking. It is too long, It takes approximately 500- 600 miles, workers rejected the provided buses and decided to walk to their villages. The police requested them but no one is ready to obey them.

Covid-19 breaks the normal men lifecycle. It had to face the situation by staying home because without any expenditure it is impossible to lead the family. When the workers came to know, job are stopped due to Covid-19, there decided to leave the city and move to their villages. Migrant workers belong to various villages, not from single native. when there are locked by the police, there are decided to make the travel by walking. Lockdown had come with Covid-19. people were facing the problem and difficult to overcome.

“Great thanking for the government”

The government had provided comfort for all the citizens except for the migrant workers. They are suffering during this lockdown. If it continues their families are yet to lose their lives. To make the migrant workers comfortable, the Government had announced the special travel for the migrant workers.

Their families are thanking the government for taking action on migrant workers. This act of providing special travel will also motive other countries to make a favour for the workers. Because many of them had travelled to other countries in the research of job to support their financial crises. Due to this lockdown, they are staying in another country with a lot of fear and worries.

“It is offensive”

Nowadays, the producers are increasingly the price of the products. It is very difficult to overcome. Though they are getting more than ₹50000, it is impossible to beat the economy. Even though they are trying to save their earning, It is impossible in the present day. so, it is offensive. Only a few will have the savings. Not everyone. producers should reduce the price of the products considering the individual annual income. For their profit, any families are suffering without their daily needs.

This announcement should be cancelled by considering the well being of the individual. Trade was largely affected because of pandemic disease, trade ministries are expected to meet soon to access the impact of a pandemic on global trade. Financial services are provided by Global Trade, Transport and Global banking. This three were stopped for three months and can extend, which drop the country financially.


To avoid unnecessary inference with Traffic and Trade, It had been stopped. Trade ministries should take alternatives to develop the nation. This was made use by producers. SO, the price of the goods should be reduced. If it continues there will have many problems in society and many will lose their life.

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