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Rajnath Singh said, ‘India is in talks with China to resolve border tensions’

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh declared on Saturday that India is in a discussion with China to resolve strained relations between the two countries at the border.

The Minister affirmed that this message has been communicated to his US compeer Mark Esper that both India and China have decided to settle the bilateral issues through conversation.

“I would like to assure the country that we will not allow India’s dignity to get hurt”, said Singh.

“You know India’s clear policy is that we should always have good relations with all neighbours and this is often an extended-standing policy.

But some times circumstances are such that with China things like these happen and such incidents have happened in the past as well”, added the Minister.

“Efforts to resolve this are going on. You must have seen statements from China which have said that we want to solve this problem through diplomatic dialogue”, assured Singh with reference to the Chinese foreign ministry who stated that the condition at the border is now in control.

Rajnath Singh announced, “India’s effort is that tensions don’t go up…Talks are happening at the diplomatic level and at the military level”. Moreover, he said that there should not be a repetition of the 1962 war between these two neighbouring countries again.

“Today India features a capable leadership… we’ll not allow India’s head to bang in shame”, the BJP leader reassured.

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