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Rashmika Mandanna buys this luxurious car, shares happy news with the fans…

Rashmika mainly features in Telugu and Kannada- language films. She attained a lot of fame at the young age of 24. She flaunted her Brand New Range Rover while she sets off for the airport. Through her post, we also get a glimpse of her airport look.
We can see her posing in front of her Range Rover with a wide smile twining with the colour of her car, pairing with blue jeans and black boots.

Her post received almost 900k likes in just 1 hour and her comment section has all positive comments from her fans. She is proud of herself as she never thought she would be able to make this far. She has almost 12M Instagram followers, no wonder why she is titled as the National Crush.

Her Caption read:-

I’d mostly/normally keep things this to myself.. but this time I wanted to share this with you because you are part of this journey and I want you to know that.. ✨
Back in the day never would I have thought I’d be capable of doing something like this but today here I am rushing to the airport but finding these 2 mins to just take these pictures so that I could show you where we’ve reached.. 🤍
Thankyou for being a part of this journey and loving me like you do.. and making my hard days worth it.. we’re in this together and that makes me truly happy. 🤍
I love you.
This one’s for you.
Truly grateful. 🤗

Rashmika Mandanna is a private person but she shared a beautiful moment of her life with her fans, she considers this wouldn’t have come her way without her fans, she never knew what she was capable of doing. In her busy schedule, while heading towards the airport she takes pictures of her with her Range Rover thanking everyone to be a part of her journey, being truly Grateful.

Also in her previous post, her fortune cookie revealed she will find a way to create the happiness she desires. The cookie just predicted her future.


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