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Researchers in Kerala university launched Covid19 search engine for India

India has been striving to defeat the COVID-19, made numerous things to alert people such as ‘Aarogya setu’ app. Yet another new platform has been launched by the Kerala University called ‘vilokana.in’ for medical researchers.

A keyword can be typed to access relevant information. This search engine can really pave the way for medical researches. The engine is called vilokana.in which means “finding out” in Sanskrit.

The difference between this and dozens of other apps launched for the same are, this engine serves the medical community in India. The thought for launching this was to let all the re searchers be updated with the later inflation coming about this coronavirus.
Professor Alex James, who worked on the search engine, says that his team undertook an AI-first approach to list articles and journals that would be most relevant to someone looking up information by typing in a keyword on the search engine.

His idea was that researchers could have access to a quick summary of the article at hand. That makes it faster than Google. Professor Alex James says, is to accelerate the process of research by giving easy access to a wide range of information to those who’re working in the field.

Professor James added they are adding a feature to detect fake information. Recently, Bill Gates, in his piece on the Economist, stressed that medical researchers are going to be among the most important people in the coming year.

Most of other search engines have a global focus, this engine has been made for India specific reason.
The user also has the option to upload any scientific text for analysis, which can be used for sentiment analysis and knowledge discovery.

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