Retailers and EdTech companies knock the doors of social media platforms to reach customers

The pandemic has forced the businesses to procure and connect to customers through Social Media platforms in a way they’ve never done earlier. Though some retailers have their official websites for e-commerce, the pandemic has compelled even the grocery stores located in every street to take upon the Social Media platforms.

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EdTech companies are using Facebook Live to train remote students and others online. While retailers are using the same to carry out business. While a grocery store owner is taking orders on WhatsApp.

With the Coronavirus outbreak followed by three phases of strict lockdown, people have been stuck indoors. As such, people started spending more time online than ever. Facebook and WhatsApp, being India’s leading Social Media platforms, the businesses are capitalizing on them. Facebook has a user base of 280 million and WhatsApp, 400 million.

Earlier, Samsung has asked its offline retailers to set up business pages on Facebook to sell smartphones. 800 retailers have already been trained to set up those. While VIVO has been using its Facebook pages to record the interest of customers.

Also, Facebook has launched a new feature on Facebook and Instagram that allows businesses to set up free storefronts. Through which the users can browse through products and place orders there itself.

Also, a lot of online learning programs are being made available. For instance, Coursera is sharing uplifting stories, new ways to learn, among others.

Adding to Facebook, even WhatsApp is playing a crucial role in connecting grocery stores to customers. Many neighbourhood stores have set up WhatsApp Business accounts to take orders from customers within the same locality.

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The recently launched Reliance JioMart allows customers to order groceries through WhatsApp. During the lockdown, the Karnataka government had started a project in which people could order groceries, medicines, and vegetables on WhatsApp.

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