Salman Khan gets 1 million subscribers on YouTube within 25 days of joining, actor’s channel breaks records

Amid the lockdown, several Bollywood stars have taken on social media realizing their social burden being mass influencers, inspiring the crowds amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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There’s no doubting the fact that Salman Khan’s social media game is unique when compared to the rest of his contemporaries. Instead of posting artsy pictures, poetry for caption, Salman Khan tells it the way it is on his social media. His posts and captions have been witty and very funny since the beginning and have remained an equivalent.

Recently, Salman Khan had launched his own YouTube channel. Through his Youtube channel, Salman Khan will also showcase his paintings,.his songs which he has been writing and composing. He will also be making some videos and audios as well. Most importantly
Salman is creating an awareness video on COVID 19 where he’s getting to urge people in his own style, Salman Khan’s manager and spokesperson confirmed an equivalent in an exclusive interaction with India TV.

Getting more than 12 million views on YouTube in just one day, Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez’s recent song, Tere Bina, is trending on number one position on the leading video-sharing platform. The four-minute and 20-second video was completely shot at his farmhouse in Panvel capturing the scenic great thing about the place. The music video begins with shots of Jacqueline Fernandez riding a horse, followed by the 2 taking an extended drive, and even painting together.

Another achievement that his YouTube channel has unlocked is garnering over 1 million subscribers in such a short time. His previous rap song Pyaar Karona and his recent, Tera Bina song have been quite instrumental in making that possible, not to mention the number
of Salman Khan fans who’d give anything to see more content from him.

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