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Samantha Akkineni urges everyone to do Gardening at their place, check here for the post

The Tollywood beauty, Samantha Akkineni, who is very much famous for her effortless acting and beauty doesn’t limit herself to a human beauty but also appreciates nature as she urges everyone to do gardening at their place. She told her followers to use an unused place for home gardening which can help an individual in this lockdown.

The south actress shared a very beautiful picture of holding a plant on her Instagram platform. She also penned down a very sensible message regarding the same. Sharing the picture Samantha wrote down “Gardening is a game-changer. Planting a seed can bring change. “Eat Healthy” we hear this far too many times … but I am telling you “Grow Healthy” is even simpler.”

Samantha shared how we can take out time for nature and nourish and flourish them. “All it takes is a little time and a little effort. And since 2020 still needs us to ‘Stay home and stay safe ‘I think we can manage .”

“Change any unused space in your home into an edible garden. Your terrace, balcony, window sill etc… over the next few weeks let’s grow together, share our experiences, learn from our mistakes and by the end of it be proud that we can feed ourselves. And god forbid if there is ever another lockdown we will not be the ones running to the store panic buying .. because in the words of Ron Finley we would be ‘Gangsta Gardeners’ by then … so who’s with me 💚… #GrowWithMe” she added.


She shared how an edible plant can help us in the crises and also how healthy is that. As an actress, it is very important to use your power and place in the right place and Samantha did the same. Her followers will surely take a step ahead also as a responsible citizen we have to focus on growing more plants, trees rather than cutting it.

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