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Satyendra Jain says, ‘Centre and Delhi Govt. will work together in Covid-19 fight, testing will increase’

Delhi Health Minister, Satyendra Jain announced that Delhi and Central Government will work together against Corona, in the meeting held on Sunday with Amit Shah.

New Delhi: The crisis of coronavirus is rapidly increasing day by day in the capital of our country. In the meeting organized to discuss the prospect of the current situation in Delhi, Satyendra Jain was again seen giving a statement on community spread.  Satyendra Jain said that “now there is no need to get into the technical spread of community spread, the truth is that coronavirus is spreading inside Delhi. Such infection spreads quickly in big cities”.

Amidst increasing cases of Covid-19 in Delhi, He announced that Delhi and the central government would work together to eradicate this detrimental pandemic commonly known as Covid-19. He further said that the number of testing faculty has been increasing in Delhi, it will increase more as per the requirements. He said there is help from the centre as there are large labs near the centre for the testing of the suspected Coronavirus patients.

As far as the arrangement of beds in concerned, arrangements are being carried out in corona special Railway train coaches and bank halls. The arrangement is constantly made in hospitals as well for the cautious situations wherein the patients who will be serious will be brought to the hospital.

According to the Delhi Health Minister, the highest number of Covid-19 testing has been done in New Delhi.

When talking about the withdrawal of the nursing home, Satyendra Jain, the health minister of Delhi said the order of nursing homes has been withdrawn because of the arrival of the time for malaria and dengue and it may be needed in such situations. Also, he discusses the preparations that are being made for the monsoon in Delhi and claimed that the work for distilling the whole of Delhi is being done at a rapid pace.

On the other hand, he expressed happiness over making MCD Hospital a Covid-19 Hospital and said that we are confident that we will fight together against Corona Virus.

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