Bollywood and Telestars lashed out at Indian media for sensationalising Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise

Sushant Singh Rajput ( 21.january.1986- 14.june.2020) was the most hardworking actor. We can say this by looking at his journey from television to Bollywood.

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He is no longer with us. The reason for this is his suicide, no one knows why he took these terrible steps. It’s heartbreaking for the entire nation.

But please wait for a moment and think about his family. It is very basic that at this time we should give solace to his family.
But the Indian media does not have that much basic understanding.

It’s so Pathetic that some of the Bollywood people have to share a post and request them to respect the privacy of the family. Like you can see the post of Anushka Sharma and Sonu Sood below

Why even people have to say this for having basic manners to respect someone’s privacy.

The photos of Sushant Singh Rajput demise. Firstly click and later sharing it to expect people to react to the situation like that.
That’s the reason Bollywood stars lashed out at Media as they sensationalising the situation and it’s so shameful

Stop this. Just pray, may his beautiful soul rest in peace.

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