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“Save the dying film industry”: Kangana Ranaut

Last week Kangana Ranaut had posted a long video on her Instagram about the “groupism” in the theatres. Her upcoming movie “Thalaivii” was all set to release this month in the South. However, the producers were facing some problems with the time given up the theatres in the North. 

“Save the dying film industry”: Kangana Ranaut

However, It seems that the movie is set to face more difficultly before it can finally hit the screens. With the Covid-19 situation rising earlier this year, all the theatres were closed down preventing the spread of the virus. However, now the numbers have started to stabilize and public places like restaurants and parks have started opening up. In Maharashtra, the theatres have still not opened up properly. Hence, today Kangan Ranaut had posted in her Instagram story: “Cases in Maharashtra have declined to request Maharashtra government to #OpenUpCinemas in Maharashtra and save the dying film industry and theatres business.

Most of the mainstream Bollywood movies have now shifted to the OTT platforms that have seen a boom in their business with the arrival of the Coronavirus. Yet, the producers of “Thalaivii” are trying to negotiate with the theatres in the north which have opened up to release the movie within a 2 weeks window time from the South. Also with the Maharashtra government to try to open the theatres.

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