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SC. Clears that NEET will be an only Uniform Entrance test for Medical

On Wednesday, the supreme court ordered that Neet shall be the only uniform entrance test for admission in the country. The court has put an end to all speculations. It is further for all minority institutions and deemed universities and also all private colleges must follow these rules and they cannot break the rules admit the students for college since NEET is in the larger national interest.

“The regulatory measures by prescribing NEET is to bring the education NEET to bring the education within the calm of charity which character it has lost. It intends to weed out evils from the system and various malpractices, which decayed the system. The regulatory measures in no way interfere with the rights to administer the institution by the religious in linguistic minorities,” held a bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra. The petitions thought was that NEET took away the right of the religious and linguistic minority initiatives to administer their business, including the right to admit students from the minority community in terms of their own standards. But however, the minority community students with low marks get admission from the colleges. But some other communities it is harder. So this must be changed.

Whenever you go for admission in colleges their first question, ” which caste you are from”. This is so ridiculous. Humanity is the only religion. Everyone must follow this. Government still didn’t take any measures to take out the community.

Some of the colleges which Christian Medical College Vellore, Association AP Pvt Medical and Dental college Association, Annamalai University, Manipal University, Karnataka Pvt Medical, Kerala private Medical college Management Association, Education charitable Trust, Tamil Nadu Deemed University Association, Darus Salam Education Trust.

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