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Sehwag shares an amazing video of a beautiful song

Virender Sehwag shares an old Bollywood song to advice fans about social distancing. Indian cricket legend and IPL Team kings and Punjab Mentor has surprised many gang cricketers by his commendable with his witty one-liners and quickly wishes for the fellow. Sehwag is one of the most popular cricketers on social media. Not only he shows his wittiness on others, but also he shares funny antidotes for the married people through his experiences as a husband and takes a joke or two on himself as well.

Indian cricket is incomplete without this famous name Virender Sehwag. But he is not just well known for his bowling or batting skills! He also has a love story that will melt your heart. It’s the kind of story we have all grown up listening to and the one that I all aspire to have someday! So this week, we have for the love story of all cricketer Virender Sehwag and his lady love, Aarti Ahlawat. Keep reading for an adorable story! When he was all of seven years old, Sehwag met Aarti, the love of his life. Puppy love indeed! He was just 21 when he proposed to Aarti. They dated for five years, after which the duo got married. But more of that later. For now, let’s go into juicer details, shall we?

They met for the children of the first tea, at this wedding ceremony. From that time onwards, they began good friends. As they grew up, the friendship becomes stranger and turned into something more, at least for Sehwag. He never mentioned it to Aarti, but, he ah began to develop feelings for her. When he turned 21, the cricketer probably decided that enough we enough. Having known Aarti for 14 whole years now, he decided to take it a step ahead by proposing to her. Sehwag being the simple guy that he is kept, his proposal causal too. And Aarti said yes!


The wedding was don in true Haryanvi style. After being shared on Twitter, Sehwag’s light-hearted video garnered around 128.8 k virus. It was returned multiple times by citizens 1.2 k times to ba exceed. Twitter users dropped funny events and the thread and even complimented his sense of humour. This is what people are saying good.

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