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Sidharth Shukla’s last rites are to be performed tomorrow.

Throughout the day we have been hearing various news about the unfortunate death of the rising celebrity, Sidharth Shukla. With all the formalities of the hospital done, and his body given for post-mortem, his family has decided to go ahead with the last rites.

Sidharth Shukla's last rites are to be performed tomorrow.

Shukla had most probably had taken some medicine last night and could not wake up in the morning. That’s one of the main reasons that his family has decided to go for the post-mortem. The procedure had started already in the afternoon at 3:45 pm. The process was recorded with the presence of Mumbai police. The whole procedure took almost 3 hours and a team of five doctors went through with autopsy. They had also reportedly triple-checked everything. The report might be final by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Shukla’s PR Team had said “All of you have heard the shocking news, we are as much in shock as you all are. We have a request. We really want all of you to respect and stand with us during these tough times. As Sidharth’s PR team we humbly request the media to draw a line and give his family and loved one’s space and let them grieve. We are all in pain! We are as shocked as you are! And all of us knew Sidharth was a private person, so please respect his privacy, his family’s privacy. And please pray for His Soul To Rest in Peace.

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