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Sonam Kapoor “blocks” a troll questioning her EID post.

Music in every Sanjay Leela Bhansali film is an experience in itself, and this is true in the case of his underappreciated film Sawariya as well. No matter how much this film was panned by the critics, all its songs are still memorable. So little did Miss Sonam Kapoor know, that wishing her fans Eid on Instagram, by sharing a clip of the song ‘Dekho Chaand Aaya’ from her debut film, will draw her some unnecessary flak, from internet users.

Sonam Kapoor "blocks" a troll questioning her EID post.

While most of her viewers, were happy by the post as well as her gesture and seemed to love the song, as well as get nostalgic about the film, one user was quick to comment- “ask Sonam Kapoor how much did she get paid for this post?

Sonam, who is known to speak her mind, was not someone who would take these badly intentioned comments lying down. She quickly reported the user for bullying and harassment, and shared a screen recording of the same on her Instagram story and captioned it “So satisfying.

But the bigger question is, what sort of society have we become? Have we become so cynical, that we are questioning the smallest of actions by someone, in a public space? Or is the celebrity culture really this fake, that everything is an agenda, and for the purpose of brand building?

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