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Sunny Leone proves that she is NOT just a pretty face, WATCH VIDEO…

Glamorous actress Sunny Leone has always been proving herself and winning hearts constantly with her acting and dancing skills. And this time too she has amazed us with her brand new skill! She shares the video of her hidden talent through her social handle, over Instagram.

Not just a pretty face….Got the skills as well’, she captions her video, where she is seen balancing and kicking a football with her legs, knees as well her head! She kicks the ball with her knees and legs twice and once with her head. This just shows how well practised she is in this field. It also seems to be a slightly hinted reply to all the trollers who have been trolling her about just having a pretty face with no actual skills.

The pastel-coloured pyjamas and white tennis shoes give her a comfy and sporty look and the green environment complements her attire. Well, so far as the pretty face is concerned, no doubt she is! But she is certainly much more than just that. She is brave, talented and authentic!

Check out the video here!


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