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Surf Excel Pakistan’s Ramadan ad urging good deeds for Covid19 warriors wins millions of hearts

Surf Excel’s effort for Pakistan for the holy month of Ramadan has won admiration from people all over the world. The ad appreciates the warriors of COVID-19 such as the doctors, nurses, other healthcare personnel, policemen, security guards, delivery agents and all others who are struggling day and night to protect us from the deadly coronavirus.

The YouTube video has already crossed six million views in just one week. It was mainly released for Pakistan, Bangladesh and United Arab Emirates but has also received commendable reviews from India.

This beautiful advertisement opens with a father-son duo conversing between themselves. The father says to his little one that if he really desires to do good to others, he can even find a way out during this lockdown. The next shot shows the boy packing lunch for the security guard of their residence and uses a rope to deliver it. The boy packs a bag with necessaries for his old neighbour and keeps it outside his door. The film also frames other kids of the apartment who have joined hands to help a nurse and a policeman by providing them with food, sharing a note of thankfulness and also cleaning their homes expressing a sense of obligation for their service.

Surf Excel has always tried to inculcate moral values in children through its campaigns be it functional or emotional/festivals like Diwali or Holi or Ramazan. The brand emphasizes that if children get dirty while doing something good, toh “daag ache hain”.

The brand celebrates the spirit of learning and doing good. At the heart of all the Ramazan communication from the brand, lies the spirit of doing ‘Nekis.’ And this year, the campaign “Neki Nahi Rukegi” elevates this spirit by showing that when there is a strong intent of doing good, acts of kindness find their way, no matter the circumstances,” said an HUL spokesperson.

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