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Swara Bhaskar gives a fitting reply to trollers and memers for trending #ArrestSwara on twitter

Internet is easily accessible to everyone nowadays and this easy access has given birth to trolling and memeing. Trollers and memers usually use these platform to demean people in a very rude manner.

Mostly Bollywood actors fall prey of the trolling because of their public image. And here is an irony, if they speak or they don’t, usually get trolled in any way.

Bollywood actor Swara Bhaskar who is known for strong acting skills and strong opinions also seems like a favourite kid of trollers and usually get trolled now and then because she always voices out for injustices or wrongdoing that took place in our country.

However, a video of actor asking people to join CAA/NRC protest from December 2019 has surfaced again leading to #Arrest Swara Bhaskar trending on Twitter and Twitter users didn’t leave any mark to troll her. They put very disrespectful and derogatory comments on her profile and blamed her for the Delhi riots that claimed the lives of 50+ innocent people.

An angry netizen wrote “Give me one reason why Swara Bhaskar shouldn’t be arrested” and another expressed his anger by saying “How many residents Indians lost their citizenship due to the CAA@ Swara”.

As everybody knows Swara never holds it back and she again gave a befitting reply to trollers and address her trollers on twitter handle “And that my friends…is why most celebrities in India only raise their voices for elephants #safoorazargar # Arrest Swara bhaskar# Bizarrebuttrue”.

It is not first-time Swara is getting trolled. So she has mastered herself in the art of shutting trolls.

And to prove that, she once tweeted, “Basically, If I am not involved in a #twitter controversy once a week, assume I am dead!!! #realization”

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