India is at a very censorious stage in opposing coronavirus. According to the sources, India has confirmed 247k cases of patients having coronavirus where 119k patients are recovered whereas death toll due to coronavirus reaches over 6929. During this crucial period where people are sitting at their home safely, our frontlines are standing on the boundary for saving us.

Many workers, including doctors, nurses, journalists, police, army force, shopkeepers etc are facing odds every day. One of the main frontlines are our doctors who are selflessly trying their best to cure one and each patient out there. Even when there are people who are spreading hatred for doctors.

Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, tweeted for our doctors and nurses and shows their heartfelt gratitude for saving life and treating patients selflessly without any fear.

“Docs and paramedic staff at LNJP are working v hard since beginning. We shud all encourage them and stand by them. Docs and nurses in other hospitals are also working hard to save our lives”. Says chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Doctors and nurses who are working during covid-19 are facilitated with good safety including masks, sanitized equipment, etc. although there is a lot of panic situation going on in the world our doctors are trying very hard to save everyone’s live.

We can also help our frontlines by staying at home, and staying away from people and following all the possible instructions given by the state and doctors. It will not only save you but everyone’s life. While doctors are fighting inside and forces outside. We can fight with Covid -19 by saying in our home safely. Or else we can lose and we can’t afford that.