Swara Bhasker reaches Tikri Border to support Farmer’s protest…

The actor Swara Bhaskar went to the Tikri Border along with some other artists to host a concert supporting the farmer’s protest. She said, “I have come here as an artist and as a citizen of this country, representing those people who grew up in cities but have never been to villages.” She added if our country is our motherland then the farmers are our father providing us with food and their interests should be taken care of. She also added we have become so shameless that we don’t feel any pain for the farmers. Farmers, who provide us food and them having problems is not a big issue but hey having pizza is such a big deal.

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Meanwhile, thousands of farmers have gathered to demand a repeal of the Centre’s three new farm laws. The protesting farmers are worried that the new laws will eliminate the safety cushion of a Minimum Support Price (MSP) and procurement system while rendering ineffective the mandi system that ensures earnings for various stakeholders in the farm sector.

We all get to show our concern and support the farmers. Just imagine the food chain with no farmers, their concerns are our country’s concern and should not be ignored.


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