Tamil Nadu government passed a law to criminalize the act of interrupting burial

Tamil Nadu government has passed an ordinance against any person who tries to
block or create hurdles ib the cremation ceremony of the people who died with any
government notified disease. The ordinance will demand a fine from the people who
do such acts and will be punished with the imprisonment of at least 1 to 3 years
The Tamil Nadu government said that it is illegal to stop or protest against the burial
or cremation of any dead person. The guilty will be punished under section 74 of the
Tamil Nadu Public health act.

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The ordinance has been passed as the people prevented the burial of 2 doctors who died of COVID 29 in Chennai recently. One of them turned violent and provoked the agitators hence attacking the health workers and the civic body staff. Due to the rage of the people, the bodies had to be buried elsewhere and not at the selected locality.

It was heard last week that an orthopaedic surgeon had to bury his associate, a
neurosurgeon in the middle of the night who died of COVID 19.
He had to use the help of his two ward boys along with his bare hands and a shovel
at the crematorium to bury his associate after the undertakers fled when a mob
protesting the internment attacked and chased them away.

An average of 12 people have been arrested to have some of the other connections
with this incident, even after the city police have warned the rowdy people against
causing trouble for the cremation of the people who died in the COVID 19 pandemic.

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