Telangana CM opens Electronics, Mobile shops in the state

In Telangana, after 55 days of lockdown, showrooms selling ACs, automobiles and its spare parts shops, will be opened from Saturday as the government prepares to grant more relaxations further in lockdown 4.0.

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On the other hand, the government is inspecting several other relaxations, including bus transport services in green and orange zones. For a few days, it has decided to wait, as the Centre’s lockdown is ending on May 17 and fresh guidelines are expected from the Centre.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao conducted a review meeting with officials to review lockdown implementation, Covid-19 cases, especially in Greater Hyderabad, and several other measures being taken to avert the transmission of the virus. The state proclaimed tha lockdown on March 22 evening.

“But from Saturday, all shops that sell air-conditioners, automobile showrooms, as well as shops that sell automobile spare parts, would be allowed to operate. The registration and RTA offices will continue to work,” he said.

“Since no one knows when the deadly disease will be wiped out, we have adopted a strategy to live with it,” he added.
He stated that present lockdown rules would be continued till further orders.

“Even those migrant workers are under treatment in Hyderabad. This means that the three districts are free from positive cases,” he said.
Except in four zones, the CM said, in Hyderabad — LB Nagar, Malakpet, Charminar and Karwan — where 1,442 families are under quarantine, the city does not have active positive cases.

“There is no need to be scared of Coronavirus. Those who are recovering from infection are quite high in number. Those who died constitute only 2.38 per cent as against the national average of 3.5 per cent. We do not know how long this virus will last,” he said.

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KCH stated that In three districts Migrant workers tested corona positive which were Yadadri-Bhongiri, Jangaon and Mancherial and are being doctored in Hyderabad. As the residents of these areas did not test Covid-19 positive, the government considers them free from infection.

KCR said even though cases are rising but the rate of recovery and discharges are high while the deaths were only 2.38%, which is less than India’s average 3.5%.

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As Centre is planning to run domestic flights, the CM stated that all those who are arriving should be screened and shifted to hospitals if tested positive.

“Those who arrive by flights should be taken to their native places by buses. The migrant labourers who arrive in Telangana by trains too should be tested for Covid-19,” he said.

“If passengers from other states land in Hyderabad, they should be sent to respective states by special buses,” he added.
Regarding seasonal diseases, he instructed health and municipal administration department to keep villages and towns clean.

“The officials should sanitise towns and villages. Sodium hypochlorite should be sprayed at least four times a month in all the towns and villages. There should not be any garbage anywhere and special care should be taken to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes”, CM said.

“Though the State is now in a financial straitjacket, yet funds have been released for February, March and April for use in taking up sanitation works in towns and villages and for June, funds would be released soon,” he said.

“Though the state is facing financial problems, the government is releasing funds to gram panchayats and municipalities,” the CM said. He asked officials to start 45 more Basti clinics.

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