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David Warner enacts Prabhas’s Bahubali movie dialogue, posts a video on Instagram

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the well-known cricketer David warner got suspended, so he decided to utilize his lockdown period by enacting the Prabhas’s dialogue from his superhit South Indian movie i.e. Bahubali. Finally, the Australia opener loves spending most of his time with his family members during the quarantine period and loves posting the video on Instagram.

David Warner has some fascination towards Tollywood movies so he picked up the dialogue from the movie of Prabhas i.e. Bahubali and started lip-syncing the dialogues from his movie wherein he acts like a warrior and requested his daughter to help him while representing the part of his army team and also told his fans to guess the movie as he was not able to figure out the name of the movie.

So, finally, after making the video, David warner posted the same on Instagram for his fans so that they would know how he is spending his time with his family members at his home. After posting the video on Instagram, it got viral and the Australian opener become so much famous on the social media site. Along with that, he wrote a caption for his fans which is been as – guess the name of the movie along with mentioning the name of his cricket team i.e. Sunrisers Hyderabad as he was not able to recall the name of the South Indian movie.

Before acting like the famous South Indian hero i.e. Prabhas, David warner dressed in a warrior outfit and picked the famous dialogue from his movie so that he can create an impression on his fans and can show his love towards Tollywood films. Moreover, he wants to exhibit his passion for South Indian movies to his fans. Also, the well-known Australian opener told the media that if he gets an opportunity to take acting as a career then definitely he would love to play a fictional character in the movie Bahubali like actor prabhas as he admires his role so much and the movie also.

It seems that the cricketer loves spending time with their family during the lockdown period and encourages their fans to do some task so that they won’t feel monotonous while sitting at home. David warner loves keeping his fans entertained with his funny videos which he used to post on Instagram so this time he chooses a dialogue from Mahesh Babu’s Telugu film and perform it with so much enthusiasm for his massive fan and posted the same thing on social media site.


So this time, his fan followers on Instagram got increased after posting this video in comparison to his previous video in which David warner was dancing with his daughter and wife. David Warner is one of the most active cricketers who believe in creating the popular videos along with his family members so that he can entertain his fans which in turn help him to increase his followers on Instagram with his creative videos.

So, after posting this video on Instagram, the famous cricketer David Warner has become a sensation performer among his fan without having any clue of the movie from which he has chosen the dialogue to act along with his daughter and also suggested his fans how to utilize their time if they are been locked at their home. As with the spread of pandemic COVID-19, David warner suggested to the people that the longevity in your body will help you out if you will make use of your skills by engaging yourself in any sort of hobby as it keeps you fit and perfect as long as you want. So, without thinking of anything, don’t sit idle and make use of your body by engaging in different activities.

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