Telangana Government extends the COVID-19 till May 29

With the guidelines from the Ministry of Home Affairs, certain relaxations have been allowed in orange and green zones. The youngest state of the country has taken the following decisions.

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After a 7-hour long Cabinet Meeting on Tuesday, the Chief Minister has revealed the relaxations that are likely to be established in the state.

Firstly, the lockdown in Telangana is imposed till the 29th of this month, viz, 29 May, way longer than what was declared by the Center up to MAy 17. The CM said that such a decision has been taken to ensure that the state does not become a centre of mass transmission like Mumbai. This step is to ensure that the dreaded disease is fully contained in the state.

The state has got six red zones- Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, Medchal, Vikarabad, Suryapet, and Warangal (urban). Apart from these, there are 18 districts in orange zones and 9 districts in green zones.

It is expected that the 18 orange zones would turn into green zones in just 11 days. Also, three out of six red zones would turn into orange zones.
However, three districts- Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, and Medchal are still in danger zones as they account for 66% of the total positive cases and 86 % of the deaths.

Despite the Center’s permission to allow economic activity in even the red zones, the State has not allowed any shops to pen in the red zones.

However Economic activity may be revived in the orange and green zones. Shops may be opened on alternate days with a lottery system. Also, the timings would be reduced.
Construction work, hardware, electrical, agriculture-related trades can be resumed from Wednesday.

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The resumption of around 2,200 liquor shops will be done, as it is done so in the neighbouring states and also to prevent the illicit brewing of country-liquor, which is increasing day by day.
The Social- distancing norms will be in place strictly, and not more than 10 people are allowed at a time in the shop.
The prices will be raised by 16 % for normal liquor, and the cheaper ones would be up by 11 %.

Another high-level meeting would be on May 15, to review the situation. He also warned that revoke of relaxations would be done if necessary, after assessing the situation, then.
Additionally, all Government offices, Stamps and Registration Department, Land Registrations, Sand Mining, Vehicle Registrations would open from Wednesday.
The pending 8 exams of Class 10 would be conducted soon. And spot evaluation of Classes 11 and 12 would also be resumed, he declared. The decision on the next Academic year would be taken later.

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Also, arrangements are being made to send the migrant workers in Telangana to their respective states. They laid 40 trains, but as other states were not ready for transport, 1 trains would be running today with 1200 passengers. Others would be sent home soon, he said.
However, he asked the workers to stay back, as the Economic Activity in the state would be revived in no time.

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