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Ghaziabad’s DM extends the lockdown 3.0 restrictions till May 31

The district magistrate of Ghaziabad which is neighbouring to Delhi announced the
extension of the lockdown for the people till the 31st of May.
The orders have been imposed due to the cases of rising coronavirus and the upcoming Eid festival that will be another significant reason for doing so.

Spitting in public places or going outside without any protecting coverage around the mouth is a punishable offence as per the orders from the government. Any type of public or religious gatherings is not allowed. The religious places will remain closed and any
gathering of more than 5 people at max is bound to be a punishable offence.

Sports events or any other unnecessary events are prohibited from happening. For occurring of marriages or funerals, proper information and permissions are required to be provided beforehand. People above the age of 65 or below 10, pregnant women or people with the need for medical attention is required to remain in their houses and avoid any type of contamination. While people are allowed to do the necessary works from 7 am to 7 pm there are certain protocols that need to be followed by them and not violate the rules.

Only the essential services are permitted to be open for the services of people while salon, spa, mall gym, cinemas, shopping complexes are all shut till there is no any further order from the government.

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