The US says, ‘China’s aggressive behaviour towards India shows the true nature of the Communist Party’

US claims that China’s actions near the line of Control and their clash with India shows the true nature of Communist Party.

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The US had earlier told media that they were following India- China clashes closely and hoped for a peaceful resolution. However, China’s aggressive behaviour towards its neighbours proves their communist nature.

The Indo- China clash that happened on June 15th at Galwan valley took lives of 20 Indian troops and left many injured. Many Chinese troops also sustained heavy injuries although an exact number of casualties remains unknown.

India and China have tried to resolve their issues with keeping communication lines open, however, they fail to reach a resolution. The US claims that this is due to the severe competition between the two countries.

China’s aggressive behaviour towards the world has made them face the anger coming from a lot of countries. US President Donald Trump recently tweeted that the current corona situation makes him angrier towards China. He believes that proper actions by Chinese authorities could have avoided its spread all over the world.

US has urged Chinese authorities to be more transparent in their working to avoid any conflict in the future.

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