These people haven’t existed for me for 5 years: Kashmera Shah on Govinda and his family.

Recently, Govinda and his nephew, Krushna’s feud have come to the forefront again. The feud got heated again this time as Krushna had refused to participate when he heard that Govinda and his wife, Sunita were the guests of The Kapil Sharma Show. 

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These people haven't existed for me for 5 years: Kashmera Shah on Govinda and his family.

This made Sunita quite angry and she said “I don’t even want to see his face. Whenever we go to the show, he says something about us in the media for publicity. What is the use of all this, what is the sense of bringing the issues of the house to the public? Govinda doesn’t say anything about it, but it makes me very angry. Even without him, our show is a hit and this too will happen.”

However, this was not the end, in answer to this comment, Krushna’s wife has said “To tell you the truth, I have no interest in this rift. These people have not existed for me for five years. I don’t want to say anything about them. You must have seen I have not said anything for a long time. Otherwise, I have a scathing retort for them.” She also added that she does not need to add anything anymore as the Internet is trolling them badly for their behaviour.

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