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Top 10 Best Gamers on YouTube in India 2020

We should initially discuss what is Esports? Huge numbers of us think about this term, Esports is a type of game rivalry utilizing computer games. Esports regularly appears as sorted out, multiplayer computer game rivalries, especially between proficient players, people or as groups.

The gaming industry is not just limited to the screens and remote controls anymore, they have transformed, the storm of social media have taken it to the next level. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook has allowed gaming lovers to showcase their games, where they record the games while playing a video game in reality and showcasing how the game is played. Another reason why they are so much famous now is because of the live streaming of games on the internet which is majorly done through their youtube channels where the followers can watch the game.

Nowadays, there are 100’s of Gaming Youtube Channels in India that uploads videos related to Online Multiplayer Games. So, Here is the list of Top 10 Best Gamers on Youtube In India 2020.



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Aaditya Deepak Sawant is also known as ‘Dynamo Gaming’. He is an Indian Gaming YouTuber who creates live-streams PUBG and PUBG Mobile and then posts on YouTube. He is the second most subscribed Indian Gaming YouTuber with 8.37 million subscribers.

Aaditya was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra on 18 April 1996. He is 24 years old and currently lives in Andheri, Mumbai with his parents Deepak Sawant and Vaishali Sawant and his sister Aaradhya Sawant. His nickname is Aadii. He has studied Business Management. His favourite hobbies are gaming and travelling.

He first started his career from an internet cafe where he used to visit while walking to his home from school. He slowly gathered his interest in gaming and opened his own YouTube channel on 21 July 2010.

Dynamo first played games like Dota2, Battlefields 1 to 4, Apex Theft and Grand Theft Auto 5 which are not published on his channel. He deleted all these gaming videos and became only PUBG Gaming YouTuber. In August 2017, he first started playing PUBG on PC which did not make him gain many subscribers. His channel performance was not too good until he started again with PUBG Mobile. Playing with PUBG Mobile was a great success and this blew up his channel, since then PUBG Mobile is a trend in India.

His YouTube channel has 8.37 Million Subscribers. He is famous for his snipping trick. His head shot techniques and dialogue ‘Patt Se Headshot’ which is his part of snipping and liked by his fans a lot. Every day, he streams PUBG Mobile on his YouTube channel for a few hours. He has played with big PUBG Mobile Streamers like CarryMinati, Kronten Gaming and Mortal too.

His channel is growing rapidly and his every stream video cross more than 5 lakhs views. He has even broken the record with 113200+ in Gaming Community Live Viewer. He even has a PUBG Clan named HYDRA which also has 190k subscribers on YouTube.

PUBG Mobile has become the most popular game from 2019 because of which PUBG Mobile developers took this game to a new level by the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) which has a total price of $250,000. Dynamo won a prize worth $5,000 and had 12th placement at PMSC. Dynamo has met Norwegian DJ Alan Walker at an event in Mumbai. He has achieved so much in the YouTube community with his immense passion for gaming that it is always appreciated by his fans.

At first, the name of his channel was ‘Dynami’ but he later changed it to ‘Dynamo’ as he was fascinated by the British Magician named Steven Frayne whose stage name was also Dynamo.

Dynamo’s net worth is still under review but it is said that he earns 1-5 lakhs per month approximately. He has multiple sources of income. He earns not just only from YouTube ad revenue but also from AdSense, Super chats, Paytm/GPay donations and memberships. He has also endorsed brands like HP India, AMD India etc.
He even made a donation of 1 lakh rupees for the relief of the Pulwama Massacre Attack, to the NGO Bharat Ke Veer.

HUSTLE BUSTLE| The Story of Dynamo Gaming Video Link

Social Media Profiles of Dynamo Gaming

INSTAGRAM PROFILE: @dynamo__gaming


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Naman Mathur, popularly known as the SoulMortal is a gamer who uploads his gaming videos on his YouTube channel called “Mortal”. He is one of the top ten gamers who are streaming on YouTube right now in India. This legendary gamer was born on the 22nd of May in the year 1996 in Mumbai.

His parents were not supportive for his gaming career at first but they did give him a year to prove himself and he did achieve and now they are happy about his decision and also they are satisfied with his current profession.

He completed his degree in the field of commerce [B.com] from a university located in Mumbai. After completing our degree, we all have a fear of what to choose next and obviously we all want to earn money so most of us choose a path that helps us to make money and forget our passion because we think it’s not guaranteed and that’s where we lose confidence in our self and choose the same path like the others. Most of us love gaming; most of us want to take gaming as our career but a very few people like Naman Mathur came forward and proved the fact that we can be successful in any field and all we need is dedication towards whatever passion we have and continue to pursue without any change of track.

Naman Mathur also does live streams on YouTube. Naman Mathur was active on youtube since 2015; at first, he uploaded videos of him playing mini militia, he did not have many audiences during that time. Things changed when he started to play PUBG mobile and started uploading videos of his gaming. People loved his gaming techniques a lot and wanted him to upload more and more videos.

He achieved a lot in his PUBG gaming field and was incredibly awarded for his win a lot of times. He and his team got a prize of Rs.3000000 for winning PUBG Mobile Indian Series 2019. Name of his team is Mortal Terminate Soul Team in that tournament and his teammates were Owais, Ronak, and Viper. In that tournament, Mortal and his teammates got 46 kills with 2520 game points.

He and his team also won another tournament in the same year 2019 [PMCO – PUBG Mobile club open tournament] It was an international gaming tournament and team soul represented India. They won prize money of $60000.

Mortal is also one of the highest-earning individuals in the youtube gaming and live streaming field. Mortal channel earns an average of about 7.8 thousand dollars to 124 thousand dollars in a month. Mortal also earns a lot from advertisements, super chat [when mortal goes to live steam, his fans pay for their comments to get pinned to the top, so that mortal has to give priority to their chats and this process is called super chat.]

Naman Mathur does not react much to his negative comments; he ignores it even if it means losing a little money. He was highly motivated because of a Message that popped up in his super chat from a fan, it was his first super chat message – it said, “Keep going, we are with you. We love your gaming skills”. Little things matter, this comment meant so much to Naman Mathur that he started to upload more videos with much more dedication. It is always nice to tell a few encouraging words to boost a person’s confidence level.

He also did a lot of movie promotions. He gave a promotional video for the movie URI along with Vicky Kaushal, a famous Hindi Actor in his youtube channel.

There are various fingering techniques to play games like PUBG Mobile and Mini Militia and not everybody will be a pro in using those techniques like 3 finger controls, he used three finger techniques at his initial stage and it was said to be the most powerful technique and later he started using four-finger claw technique which is quite hard to understand but he conquered the skill.
He is now a YouTube celebrity because of his superlative competence.

We all have different opinions on Mortal’s success. It is not luck because luck does not require any efforts. He had an opportunity to show what he could do; he did all the efforts to capture his audience and also satisfied their gaming requirements and most importantly He learned and practised a lot of things to teach the rest of his fans correctly. Naman is a person who became rich overnight but never forgot his identity and stayed the same person as ever.

Popular Video of Mortal

Social Media Profiles of MORTAL



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Tanmay Singh, an Esports player professionally known as “ScoutOP” who is representing India in Player Unknown’s Battleground popularly known as PUBG and also the most famous YouTuber with a great number of subscribers.

Mr Tanmay Singh (ScoutOP) was born on July 30, 1996, in Valsad, Gujarat. He has completed his high school education from the city itself. He always wanted to be a passionate footballer and wanted to represent India and wanted to play some tournaments too. He currently stays in Mumbai at Bootcamp provided by his sponsor – Fnatic.

In his teenage years, he was great at the football and he played in the Kolkata at Nationals too. His Mom always used to ask his coach to guide him and he guaranteed the promising career in the Football.

His Mom shared a very memorable incident about Mr Tanmay jumping from the terrace and escaping from his house to attend his football classes. His parents thought him of pursuing Cricket as a career rather than Football. But Mr Tanmay always believed in, “ What you love, you got to achieve that”. But, while jumping, he got an injury in the Hamstring. The doctors asked him to stay in bed for at least 6 months or else he couldn’t even walk. So Instead of giving up, he thought of pursuing his other dream, he also had his passion for Gaming.

In the year 2018, the team(ScoutOP) represented in the tournament of Pubg Mobile Star Challenge 2018 Asia where he got major in 16th position. In the year 2019, he participated in 8 tournaments; 2nd position in the Pubg mobile club open spring split where he won the $30,000. In the next month, he placed the 23rd position in the premium tier in spring split 2019 global finals. 16th position in the premium tier of Pubg mobile star challenge where he won the amount of $3000. 3rd position in the qualifying round of Pubg mobile club – open fall split; south Asia group where he won the amount of $600 where the event was by the Fnatic. 4th position in the qualifying round in the south Asia play-ins. 9th rank in the major tier of split fall club – South Asia where he won the amount of $4000. 1st rank in the premier tier of Pubg mobile all-stars 2019 where he won the amount of 20 lakh. 8th rank in the premium tier of peacekeeper elite championship where he won the amount of $11,420. In 2020, he was the 6th position in minor of Pubg mobile club open spring split 2020.

Scout has the great skills of learning and relearning whereas he formed many good contacts with Chinese and indo players in-game. He bought the usage of claw controls in the game, he started to use the gyroscope the spray as a laser-like.
Scout represents Fnatic, an international organisation of the gaming where the headquarters are around the globe. In the year 2018, Fnatic signed him for the roster of the Pubg Mobile.
Before joining the Fnatic, Scout has represented various teams such as team RAW, teamIND, Team Godlike, Team Soul, Team Xspark.

He is highly famous for his 1 v 4 clutches. He once said,” You don’t have to give Pubg a whole day instead give just 2/3 hours a day”, it is much more difficult to maintain the order and be consistent on the top, he thinks in order to achieve success, it is important to have a great sense of availability, mechanism and a good focus and great bonding with the team members. He feels that it is not always just to win just enjoy the game or else it may torture you.

He is also a famous Youtuber with 2.79 million subscribers as he is amazing in his field and also very known for his tactics in Pubg for entry fragging, assaulting accuracy of his laser-like M416 +6x, ScarL + DMR spamming and his Igl decision. He has a great fan following on Instagram as well where he got verified.

Popular Video of Scout

This youtube video of his got more than 3 Million views. He has a great fan following base and also a very active gamer as well as inspiration to all the youth of our nation.

Social Media Profiles of SCOUT



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PUBG ( PlayerUnknown’s BattelGrounds) has gained immense popularity as an e-sport all over the world. Especially among the youth this game is becoming a sensation on a very extreme level, although it has inspired young Indian players so much that many of them are coming forward to make a career in mobile gaming.

One such YouTuber who has gained popularity by streaming PUBG gameplay is “Jonathan Gaming“. His full name is Jonathan Jude Amaral. Jonathan was born on 21 September 2002. He completed his schooling in commerce stream from a school in Mumbai.

He is currently known as an Esport player. He has achieved so much in a very small age, currently is known as one of the best PUBG assaulters in India. PUBG ID of Jonathan is 5112616229 and his profile name is TSMentJONATHAN.

Jonathan’s Gaming career started with PUBG Mobile. He started playing PUBG on iPhone 5s. And now he plays PUBG on iPhone 11pro max. He is currently working with Entity Gaming which is an Asian esports organization based in India (formerly known as Entity Esport). Some time ago Team Solomid (TSM) partnered with Entity Gaming for PUBG Mobile India. So now Jonathan is a part of a very big E-sport organization. And hence he is professionally known as TSM Entity Jonathan. He joined Entity Gaming in 2019 when Abhijeet Harishchandra (popularly known as “Ghatak”), professional player and coach of TSM Entity invited him.

Before joining Entity Gaming Jonathan was a part of PUBG clan which is called as “SKUL“.
He performed as the Most valuable player (MVP) for his team in many tournaments. His team have won many PUBG Tournaments like ESL India 2019 and PMCO Fall Split 2019. They secured rank 14 in ESL Global Finals, rank 5 in PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Global Finals, and rank 4 in PUBG Mobile All-Stars (PMAS). He played as the top fragger of PUBG Mobile Pro league 2020 and also in PUBG Mobile India Series 2020.
Recently Jonathan played in PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia 2020 from his team TSM Entity And their team became the 1st runner up with 202 points and 99 kills after team Celtz with 213 points and 83 kills.
Jonathan was the player with the highest points in week 2 of PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia 2020.

Jonathan starter YouTube PUBG streaming way before he became a professional E-sport player. His channel “Jonathan Gaming” was started on 25 February 2018 and started live streaming since 5th March 2019. He lives streams around 3 times a week on his YouTube channel. He hit his first milestone of 1 million subscribers on 7th July 2020. The no. of total subscribers on his YouTube channel are around 1.45 million. Total no. of videos on his YouTube channel is 222. Total likes on his YouTube channel are 119 million. As in August 2020.

The most popular video on his channel is “TIPS THAT CAN HELP YOU WIN CLOSE COMBAT | HOW TO SET YOUR CONTROLS AND SENSITIVITY | PUBG MOBILE” which has a total no. of 3.9 million views and 256K likes. 15+ videos on his channel have more than 1.5 million views. As in August 2020.

Jonathan has worked very hard and he was dedicated to his gaming to reach the same level he is on today. He plays with many popular players now nationally and internationally.

Social Media Profiles of JONATHAN

YOUTUBE PROFILE: Jonathan Gaming


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When we talk about the Top 10 Best Gamers on YouTube in India 2020, Toxic Mavi is an important figure. He is mostly known for PUBG mobile game. Mavi is a 32-year-old boy who belongs to Punjab and his full name is Harmandeep Singh Mavi, but in the world of gamers, he is known as Orange Rock Mavi or OR Mavi. Mavi secures his position in the top 5 PUBG mobile assaulters of India.

In his initial stage, he started playing Pubg for fun but along with the time he decided that this could be his field of interest and found his talent in his gameplay and started playing tournaments. Mavi along with his team Orange Rock won many PUBG mobile tournaments. He is also considered the best in-game leader.

Mavi as an E-sports Player earns a total amount of 4 thousand per match, 1Lakh per month and 10 Lakh annually. His source of incomes is YouTube and PUBG mobile. Mavi has a total number of 500k subscribes on YouTube. In 2020 Mavi’s team ranked 2nd in the PUBG Mobile World League.

Mavi has his own big dreams in the field of Games and we wish him all the luck for that.

Popular Video of OR Mavi/Toxic Mavi

Social Media Profiles of TOXIC MAVI



Suraj Nityanand Majumdar popularly known as “Neyoo” born on 21st June 2000 in Mumbai He studied college at RA Podar commerce college in Mumbai. He was very much interested in gaming. He started his gaming when he was in the fifth standard with CS: GO and continued his interest to till PUBG mobile. Apart from gaming, his hobbies are playing cricket, football, listening to songs and sleep. He loves to play outdoor games in particular. A half and a year back he introduced him Pubg Mobile, At first, he played it for fun after three months he met Entity. Ghatak who gave him motivation and brought him into competitive scenes. He played many Pubg tournaments and day by day he increased his performance and won the PMCO trophy. When he started his gaming no one encouraged him even his parents, But when he got a trophy from PMCO everyone was shocked even his parents were unable to believe it.

For a gamer a good team is important. Jonathan is one of Neyoo’s favourite teammate. For every person in their field, there will a favourite person similarly Neyoo also have his favourite players are Paraboy and 4am svan. When he went to GROUP C finals for PMIT and qualified for MILAN and then won 3 games out of 5 games with 200 points lead. While starting the competition he never focused on winning but he believed in him and his teammates to give the best When they competed with Orange Rock Esports he observed the best thing in the team was their decision making at crucial times and their aggressive gameplay.

According to Neyoo, XQF is the best team in the world one of the best in that team is the trust they hold for each other they believe each other call’s, cover fire, assistance. The best moment in Neyoo’s life is representing India at the PMCO Global in Malaysia with TSM-Entity. Neyo is very much fond of his mother made chicken Biryani. According to him, a better teammate must have competitive experience and composure under pressure, Rawskill, communication, synergy inside and outside the game. Many people have some goals to achieve in their life, In such a way Neyoo also has a goal to get the trophy of PMIT and Vodafone ESL mobile open and to be a successful Indian ESports player.

Famous Video Of Neyoo Gaming

Social Media Profiles Of Neyoo

INSTAGRAM: tsm_entNeyoo


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The up and coming and developing E-sports player Mr Abhishek Choudhary. At 18 years old he plays as an assaulter for the group. He lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan. At present, he is seeking after B.Com from a rumoured school in Jaipur and furthermore seeking after his enthusiasm for gaming. He’s fortunate enough as his folks are steady towards his enthusiasm.

Abhishek is a well known PUBG portable player and a decoration, as of now playing for TSM Entity. Before PUBG versatile he used to play PC games like COD, FARCRY, Clash of Clans and Assassin’s Creed. The defining moment in his life was the point at which he partook in a competition just because, i.e., PMCO Fall Split, 2019. He was PMCO South Asia 2019 top fragger in the competition and after that, the organization began to recognize him. He used to be in Zero Degree before playing for TSM Entity. He left there for development and success throughout everyday life. For the record, his excursion has been mind-boggling both as a player and an individual. He said he has enormous love and backing from the fans.

He likewise has a youtube channel which has about 126K Subscribers and has a development pace of 0.17% on sees and has complete perspectives around 2.87M. all-inclusive his supporters rank its 182,000th. His gaining is $752.9 from every video. He began his youtube channel on 02nd February 2020 and is the present date he has made tremendous development in his youtube channel with numerous accomplishments. Till now he has transferred 18 recordings on his youtube channel. In only 6 days he had the development of 1K endorsers and 37.55K watchers.

Famous Video Of ZGOD

He has been achieving many prices and rewards by playing tournaments. The last tournament he played was on 9th August 2020 where he was placed 6th in that tournament and won’t the $14,500 as his price.

In his interview when someone asked about tips to share for an underdog who wants to enter in PUBG Gaming, he said, “Learning is a never-ending process, and even I have a lot of things to learn. But all I can suggest is to get a dedicated squad. One should play regular customs/scrims and have scheduled training sessions. The team members should have a synergy between them.” He says he can indiscriminately depend in his group. They have been together at there Bootcamp under one rooftop for quite a while, rehearsing every day to make our public banner pleased. This shows his commitment towards his energy and regard to our country simultaneously which is genuine sportsmanship. He likewise says that he continues gaining from every person in the network, existing players have an incredible encounter and the newcomers bring new strategies and styles every time so they need to examine them continually.

At present, his centre is to be a superior rendition of himself as a serious player. He has such a great amount to accomplish in future and his fundamental aspiration is to exceed expectations his vocation from his enthusiasm and he is continually progressing in the direction of it. Despite the fact that he has made this progress at the earliest reference point of his adulthood, he clearly has such a long way to go and cause his channel to develop at an extremely quick pace. All the best karmas to this youthful ability.

Social Media Profiles of ZGOD



Top 10 Best Gamers on Youtube In India 2020, Top 10 Best Gamers on Youtube in India, Best Gamers on Youtube, Best Gaming Youtube channel in India 2020, Best Gamers in India, Dynamo Gaming, Mortal Gaming, Scout Gaming, Jonathan Gaming, ZGOD Gaming, Neyoo Gaming, CarryMinati, CarryisLive, Total Gaming, Kronten Gaming, Toxic Mavi, OR Mavi

Kronten Gaming is one of the most popular yet oldest game streamer on youtube. Kronten Gaming is run by Chetan Sanjay Chandgude, who is a popular Indian gamer and streamer. Chetan’s online gaming started from his first youtube channel “clash with kronten” and afterwards he made the “Kronten Gaming” youtube channel. At present, Kronten Gaming has 2.01 million subscribers & is still growing, it comes in the Top 10 Best Gamers on Youtube in India.

Kronten as known as Chetan belongs to a middle-class family, born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra, currently, he is 23 years old. From his childhood days, he loved playing a different kind of video games on pc and used to play games on his friends’ computer. As for now, he is studying in Singhad institute completing some management course. Like every family, initially, his family also didn’t support him but after seeing the hardwork of their son and how much he put in this, they finally supported his gaming.

Kronten is known for Pubg Mobile game but his gaming career started with streaming of clash of clans on this youtube channel, clash with kronten in 2017. In this channel, he streamed his clash of clans on a live daily and uploaded the gameplay of Clash Of Clans & related content on weekly basis. Currently, clash with kronten has 117k subscribers.

Kronten always moved according to the trends and when the Pubg mobile game released, he tried his hands on it also. On initially days he played Pubg and made another youtube gaming channel which you all know is kronten gaming, created on 26 February 2018 and started live streaming. On 4th March 2018, he streamed Pubg mobile on his channel for the first time, after that he began streaming almost every game on his channel regularly and the channel grew at a steady rate and now has millions of followers. At first, he played Pubg mobile only but later he began to play new video games as they release.

Kronten’s gameplay in pubg mobile is unlike most of the players, rush is his gameplay type. He doesnt wait for the camping till the last zone, he attacks the players in front rather than waiting for the last moment. The rush gameplay of his gained large attention from the players of pubg mobile and this boosted his youtube journey as a gamer.

Kronten is the fourth biggest gamer Youtuber, after Dynamo Gaming, Carryislive, and Mortal. On 20th September 2018, he hit 100k subscribers and from then he has grown and attracted an audience.

He has won many games and earned rewards, price money and participated in tournaments. Some of the significant achievements of his career are
In September 2019, he participated in PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 and bagged third place. After that, he also won the PMCO 2020 with his team “Godlike Esports”. Also recently he and his team got to qualify for PUBG Mobile World League 2020 and qualified in PMCO as a regional finalist.

Also, he renamed his ‘clash with kronten’ youtube channel to Godlike Esports. In 2018, kronten made his name in Pubg Mobile community and launched many Pubg Mobile tournaments. Kronten started his own gaming clan last year and it is streaming successfully right now. The Pubg clan he made was also named as godlike also referred to as GodL, which is one the best clans in the Pubg game. The clan has both mobile players as well as emulator players. Kronten is the leader of the clan.

In July 2020, he bought a luxury car and become became the first Indian streamer and Esports player to do so. He has also made a four-level membership on his channel such as Kronten super fan, Kronten ultra fan, Kronten army leader, else godlike. By becoming members of these level the viewers get perks.

Although there are hundreds of video on his channel the most popular one is “OMG 6 FLARE GUN AND 10 AIRDROP IN ONE GAME HOW? BEST MOMENT IN PUBG MOBILE”. The video has over 5.4M views. To check out this video,

Kronten has come a very long way, in two years of hardwork he has achieved many great things, with the youtube channel he has abled to gain such a wide audience. With the gaming industry shifting and changing there is a lot of scope in this field for many youngsters who are fond of video games.

Social Media Profiles of KRONTEN GAMING

INSTAGRAM PROFILE: @krontengaming


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Ajay is also known as Ajju Bhai was born in Gujarat in a small middle-class family. He lives with his father, mother and his younger sibling. He completed his schooling in Gujarat and was a diploma student. But he dropped out during 12th from his diploma school when he knew that he couldn’t study further. And learnt a few things about software and got a job as growth hacker in a software company which he is still continuing. But, recently while doing a live stream he said to his fans that he might drop out from his job as a growth hacker. He is as professional growth hacker but playing games is his hobby and passion. Like people say “if you want to change something you’ve got to start from the scratch”. Likewise, even for Ajju Bhai, everything was difficult and especially getting fame and popularity in India and that too in the field of online gaming.

He started his YouTuber career of online gaming by starting two channels one is Total gaming and Total Gaming Live. He uploaded his first video on October 9 2018. It wasn’t easy for Ajju Bhai to gain appreciation and subscribers as we get on other videos. But he had to walk his journey if he wants to reach a destination. And he did and now he is the first Indian gamer having subscribers over 10 million from all over the world. He is also a very known social media celebrity having followers over 1.2 million both in Instagram and Facebook. His total views countdown on youtube is 1,305,004,449 and counting. Each of his videos goes around views like 1million views and the highest is 19 Million. Achieving all this at the age just 23 seems like a miracle for people but not for Ajay. He believes that he has worked hard for it and he deserves the fame and fan following he has today.

He likes to play all types of games on pc and phone. But he mostly plays a free fire and is also known as “shroud of the free-fire community”. He is the first Indian YouTuber to have a fling youtube account with millions of subscribers defeating worldwide famous gaming channels. His life took a u-turn mainly when he started playing free fire and making videos of it even while Pubg being the most famous game around that time.

While celebrating his success and fame. He also earns a heavy amount of money through youtube and also social media where he collaborates with brands and promotes them. He also gets his monthly salary from the software company where he is working as a professional growth hacker. His main focus stays on youtube. Where his monthly average views are 40 to 50 million and during Livestream the rate of a live audience is 13k. He is the first gamer to such a big audience in live streaming.

He also plays other games like Pubg etc. But his main game is free-fire. He has played total no of 8499 squad matches where he has won 2301 matches with kills over 30901 with a winning percentage of 27%. When it comes to duo matches he has played 1582 matches winning 299 matches with kills over 6192 and percentage of 18.9%. While playing solo he last played a total of 867 matches winning over 76 matches and kills over 2205 with a percentage of 8.7%. His squad and his matches are in the trend and going viral in the gaming world very wildly. This fame even took him to the tournaments held in Germany and Indonesia during 2019 but he couldn’t go because of his company job. But he wasn’t disheartened because he makes videos for his fans who have always given him a lot of love and support and still continue to give.

His monthly income source from his channel and social media is 8lakhs and annual income together from all the sources is over 90 lakhs. His total gaming channel has a total of 860 videos with 11.48 subscribers whereas live channel has 92 videos over 3.33million subscribers.

His most famous video has got 19 million views. Which was a solo vs squad video uploaded 11months ago?

Whereas his live channel has a video of AWM with Ajju Bhai overpowering game uploaded 5 months ago which has over 9.9 million views.

The creativity and hardwork and his ideas have made him successful and a proud son of his parents at a mere age of 23. His gaming net worth is over 1.5 Crores. Which makes him the biggest gamer in India.
“Hardwork Pays off and passion gives you the courage to do what you love”. Ajay urf Ajju Bhai has proved this line with all the success and fans he has today in the gaming world. He has opened gates for the youth to be the person what they want to and to do what they like.

While life being a mixture of ups and downs, Ajay knows how to manage both and he is still doing it. While making videos for his youtube and spending time on gaming he also is a growth hacker in a software company for many years. He manages both in ease because growth hacking is his like and gaming is his hobby and passion. He not only showed us a new option for our career but also has shown us how to manage between hobby and like and how to put to use. The gaming methods that he shares with people is the love that he gives to his fans and he says that he will continue giving love to his fans for a long time.

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Well, first of all, who doesn’t know CarryMinati? Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati, boasting himself as a comedian, gamer and rapper, known for his nonchalant, distinctive and energetic Hindi-language commentary has about 24 million subscribers on his YouTube channel of the same name CarryMinati. He holds the number one position on YouTube India as the most subscribed individual creator. Apart from this channel, he has another called Carryislive, where he posts stuff related to video games that are to say going live while playing video games.

Ajey Nager was born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad which is in Haryana bordering New Delhi. He attended Delhi Public School, New Delhi but dropped out in 2016 in class 12th to pursue his YouTube career. But later he completed his education via distance learning. He didn’t go to college.

He had been making videos since he was 8. He had many channels but after many years later, he focused on a particular channel where the viewers were more. He used to post recorded video games. He started this channel under the name Addiction1 but later in 2015, he changed it into Carrydeol, mimicking Sunny Deol in the footage of the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Afterwards, someone suggested him to change it to CarryMinati and he did change it after a few days. CarryMinati contains roasting cringy videos, satirical parodies and comedies. He also does diss-track.

In 2017, he started his other channel Carryislive. He once said in one of his interviews with Firstpost that the reason behind shifting to gaming or music is because he had reached a saturation point, so decided not to post such videos for a week. In that week, he made videos on streaming and music. But again, he couldn’t just go away with these, so he preferred switching back to roasting videos. He does this all the time and keeps the process going.

What it is that he would like to throw upon the audience about making contents on YouTube? Well to the audience, his main message is to not consume the contents as an audience but observe it as your own job. By doing so, you would get to know the little -little stuffs, which in general would open up your mind. You should need to know the ideation, the thought process, how they shoot it, equipment needed, what actually happens behind the scenes. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get a great number of subscribers 1 day or even in the 100th day, what matters would be to keep going with your own style and not stopping.

Talking about the ideation process, let’s look at how he does that. First and foremost thing to do is to find the content and it might take 3-4 days. After that, scripting is done, might take again 2-3 days. Then the regular shooting and editing which would take 3-4 days.

CarryMinati won several awards like a total of 5 YouTube Creator Awards ( 2 Silver Play Buttons (CarryMinati and CarryisLive), 2 Golden Play Buttons (CarryMinati and CarryisLive), And 1 Diamond Play Button for CarryMinati) and 2019: TIME’s 10 Next Generation Leaders.

The Magazine wrote “India is home to a massive YouTube craze. With about 265 million monthly users, India overtook the US in 2018 to become the country with the biggest YouTube audience in the world. And with his energetic presentation style and Hindi lyrics, Nagar is now one of the Most followed YouTubers in India”.

His once most like YouTube video – “Tik -Tok Vs YouTube: The End“- where he roasted Tik- Tok Star Amir Siddique was removed by YouTube India for violation of Community Guidelines. It has broken the recorded of the most viewed video in 24 hours. This controversy had let a social media hashtag fight between CarryMinati supporters and Carry haters.

He got a big boost of in the number of subscribers when he posted his diss track- Bye PewDiePie, a Swedish Youtuber Felix Kjellberg, went viral. Music videos include – Yalgar, Zindagi, Bye PewDiePie, Warrior, Trigger.

Carryminati has 24.9 million subscribers 171 videos while Carryislive has about 7.33 subscribers and 632 videos. Games he played are PUBG, Pacify Horror, Walking the Dead, World War Z, God of War, Walking Away from the Dead and etc. Total views till now- 579.05 million (it’s not fixed though).

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