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Top Cigarette makers develop Covid19 vaccine says, it is ready for human trials

Lungs hunters are in the race to save your Lungs failure from covid-19

Yes, it is true not any puzzles, the world second top tobacco company is on the race to develop coronavirus vaccine. British American tobacco announced on Friday that it has got prior success in the laboratory experiments and now they are ready to enter its clinical trial on humans.

Further, A representative of the company said, “we have raised our funds and waiting for the approval of medical bodies if everything will be normal the trail is expected to start in late June.”

They claim that they have developed the drugs using the tobacco leaves. However, firstly they make an artificial fragment of coronavirus called ‘antigen’, which is inserted into tobacco plants for reproduction. “once the harvesting is done the antigen is extracted from the plants and purified” said by a company representative in April. So, the company claims that the antigen would be more effective to create an antibody in human after vaccination.

Meanwhile, the company could not get a place in the list of world health organisation database of vaccine candidates for covid-19, the diseases caused by the new virus. The database which was released recently on 11th of this month has a list of 110 effective vaccines.

It is believed by some experts that its very hard to developed covid -19 vaccine this year it can take 12 to 18 months at least, so to fill this gap and to develop the vaccine as soon as possible many scientists and researcher are finding an alternative. The race is still on its mid-track let’s see when and who win the race of vaccine. Until the vaccination has patience and stays safe.

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