Indian Army Chief hint’s at China’s involvement in Nepal’s protest against India’s strategic road project

Indian army chief hint’s at china’s involvement in Nepal’s protest against India’s strategic road project.

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Quarrels in context of a border: not a great talk to negotiate for, but the protest and poke from china is raising agitation in the minds of Nepalese. As the very sensitive road which is along the china border linking with Uttarakhand is opened by Rajanath Singh.

On this, Indian army chief MM Naravane has said that so. Although Nepal is having very good relations with both of her neighbouring countries as China and India they both have very good tie-ups with Nepal but it is actually being who is egging Nepal to protest.

It has also been mentioned for Nepalese has never ever discussed on this matter so far, but now what is the reason for they are showing up such concerns for the roads.

It is a very fact and revealed truth for china is not taking any initiative for infrastructures projects and other strategic roads in Nepal but is actively working against India’s interests in the Himalayan country.

So, these faceoffs are occurring just because of the misconceptions of LAC, it might be what the ministers want to out shown them quite differently. As mentioned so far.

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