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Trump’s adviser blames China of sending air travellers to seed COVID-19 worldwide

The pandemic is being stable day by day, though new cases are being reported daily.

The US has been accusing China of the spread of the virus for a long time. This has reached a new level as the White House trade adviser Peter Navarro’s comments add to it. He suggested that the virus has escaped from a laboratory situated in the central city of Wuhan.

The Trump administration has increased its campaign of accusing China of the spread of Coronavirus, resulting in a global pandemic. They added that Beijing sent airline passengers to various parts of the world, to spread infection worldwide.

White House trade adviser, Peter Navarro has said on ABC’s ‘This Week’, “The virus was spawned in Wuhan province, patient zero was in November”.

He continued, the Chinese hid the virus from the world for two complete months, behind the shield of the World Health Organization. And then they sent hundreds of thousands of infected Chinese to Milan, New York and all around the world to seed the virus. Subsequently, Milan and New York became hotspots for the virus.

Researchers at New York University had earlier declared that the spread was due to the infected patients who flew in from Europe, including the U.K., France, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Navarro insisted that the Chinese could have contained the virus inside Wuhan itself. Instead, it grew to the level of a pandemic. He said that it is the reason why he blames Chinese for the present state of the Americans and that the Chinese are solely responsible.

As an answer, Chinese diplomats have made their campaign. Through which, they are raising doubt about whether Wuhan was even the first place where the virus first made the jump to humans; apart from shoving away Trump’s claims that Beijing kept the world in dark.

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