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Netflix begins to bring the streaming quality back to normal

Netflix is now going back to normal streaming quality. Due to curfew, streaming platforms reducing its quality in some markets including Europe, India, Australia with an idea to reduce Netflix’s impact on internet speeds. The confinement of the population forced to take measures to prevent an Internet crash.

As the number of people confined to grow exponentially, the consumption of streaming content increased. With this, there was a surge in online traffic’s. As per Flatpanals HD users across Europe are once again getting 4K HDR video quality at up to 15 Mb/s of data transfer. This includes Denmark, Norway and Germany, through the outlet reports that restrictions still apply in some cases.

It confirmed that it’s video quality backup,” working with ISPs to help increase capacity.” Netflix dropped that, “In the last month alone we have added four times the normal capacity. As conditions improve we will lift these limitations.”

Due to coronavirus pandemic, this move by Netflix comes soon as many European countries slowly ease the instructions. Coronavirus brings us a lot of changes. We prefer ourselves to stay at home and stay safe. It is a great challenge for us to tackle this situation. With great pleasure, we will do it.

This change will appear to the UK as well as other European countries. Netflix has not yet said whether the nitrate reduction will be applied to other areas such as North America. But the movies are still high definition or ultra High definition 4K. Use the app and entertain your self.

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