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TV actor Ankita Bhargava drops an UNSEEN photo of daughter, netizens go bananas…

Yeh Hain Mohabbatein actor Karan Patel is enjoying his family time with wife Ankita Patel and their incredibly cute daughter Meher in the Maldives. A few hours back, Ankita Patel shared a glimpse of their holiday fun. She has been sharing a series of posts showing a glimpse of their fun. 2 days back she took to Instagram and posted a candid picture of husband Karan and daughter Meher. They both were seeing something downwards and were looking incredibly cute and innocent “U might find it super irritating when I keep clicking pictures every now and then, on Vacations especially! But when this piece of our heart will grow up and won’t be attached to our hip anymore, U and I will sit and cherish all these moments and these memories that we made together! I click not for fun but to journal this beautiful life God has given us! Here…. This moment is one of my favourites from Mehr’s first-ever trip! @karan9198 @rabbdimehr “, she captioned

She also shared a family picture in which they were walking on the beach,” I know I am in paradise and shud be clicking these Oh-So-Dreamy pictures that we see on Instagram!
But I really couldn’t do the Flowy dresses and Open hair jig with A toddler, Diaper Bag and the Beach bag in Tow!
So here we are…At our most comfortable best in the most classic shot
Ankita, Karan and Mehr in the Maldives
P.S We never hold Mehr this way at all, This was just for this one picture! We never help her walk this way too! Totally unsafe for their delicate shoulders!
” she wrote.

She shared her love for her daughter with a thoughtful caption expressing her feelings and how blessed she feels to have her in life.”When I hold U or just look at U while U sleep,
I understand that every Lesson, Hurt and Pain in this lifetime was my journey that leads me to YOU!
I must have done something right in some lifetime to deserve ‘YOU’ #gratitude #gratefulthankfulblessed #rabbdimehr #maldives #firstvacationever
” she said

Karan and Ankita tied their knots in May 2019 and got blessed with a baby girl in December 2019. The couple shared this big news on their respective Instagram profiles. In one of her Instagram post, she shared a glimpse of her pregnancy days shoot and on the right side the couple was holding their lovable daughter. she called it,”Rab Di Meher


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