INDIA is surely and of no doubt is a “Democratic” country . The  Constitution, while not mentioning the word press, provides for “the right to freedom of speech and expression. Here be it the public or the press ,everyone has a freedom of speech and a freedom to Express themselves.

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Think about a day where anyone won’t get any information regarding what is happening around the country where the share markets are going what is going up in the entire globe !

That will surely make us have no knowledge and a sense of insecurity will emerge inside us. The print media also plays a vital role in building the economy of the country .


You read that right ! The president of “Indian national congress “in a letter to the prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi has written to ban government advertising for 2 years .
She in the letter has suggested various measures for dealing with the corona virus aka COVID-19 outbreak, in which she included a ban for media including – print media, television and online advertisements as well be it in the public sector or the private sector.

Bearing the ban

The media will surely not bear the ban regarding the advertisement. In this deadly outbreak of corona virus people are risking their lives to reach the offices so that the masses are aware of about what is happening around the nation and the globe by providing us the news related to every essential single topic !

Also on this chief of Indian newspaper society mr. Shailesh Gupta took a stand and said that In such a critical situation the people of the media industry are risking their lives so that the people get updated about everything and the idea of banning the media will not be supported by anyone in the nation which is democratic and has given the media freedom of speech and expression.

The news broadcasters association also didn’t support Sonia Gandhi’s proposal of banning the media and said in this situation where people are battling for their survival, media is making the people to get updated and not to fear the situation , he said the media is working day and night ,and is burning the midnight oil and it was really demotivating and disheartening to hear such a thing by Sonia gandhi in this corona pandemic .

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Also the corona pandemic has caused economical Crisis in the country and in these days media is the only arm supporting the financial crisis as rest of the industries and private sectors are locked therefore banning the media will give a major set back to the economical crisis in the country . Print is the only industry, which has a wage board and the government decides how much the employees should be paid. This the only industry where market forces will never decide salaries, the government has a responsibility towards the industry.

The advertisement and circulation revenue had already declined due to recession. The idea of ban on the media is not supported by anyone therefore news broadcasters association has asked Sonia gandhi to withdraw the suggestion of ban on media in a country where freedom of speech and expression is practised so that a healthy and anti corrupt and healthy media could work effectively and efficiently.

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The media should not be banned as it is the spine of the country supporting it to quite an extent and if it gets banned the rumours and myths regarding current situation will not take much time to get in the air and that will surely cause a lit of chaos.

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