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Lisa Ray says ‘I have hidden about my cancer from my husband’, her cancer degenerated a month after her wedding.

Lisa Ray revealed about her battle with cancer on Kareena Kapoor’s Radio Show What Women Want. Lisa, who made her Bollywood debut with Vikram Bhatt’s Kasoor, was diagnosed with myeloma in 2009 .“I relapsed once. this is often something that I even have not spoken about extensively. It happened just a month after getting married. That was a very difficult time. i used to be actually hiding that secret from my husband. i assumed I just need to get through the shaadi then i will be able to find out what to try to to . So, that was a true low, because the primary time i used to be handling cancer, i used to be single,” she said, adding that it had been “very harrowing” to ascertain the effect of such news on loved ones.

During the chat with Kareena, Lisa also revealed that she was in denial when she first started experiencing the symptoms. “Being during this business that we both are in, wont to be”> i used to be actually used to overriding my body signals. Isn’t that something that we all do? You show up and you’ve got got a fever…you can’t go home! you’re still expected to perform. So, a doctor shows up, gives you an attempt or a pill, and you continue. That had become my default. Basically, i used to be not tuning into what my body was telling me,” she said.

It was only Lisa couldn’t rise up after a yoga class that she realised that something wasn’t right. “Finally, once I got my biopsy done… i will be able to always remember this because the doctor actually stood up from behind the table when she saw the results and said, ‘How are you even standing? you ought to be going into asystole because your red blood corpuscle count is so low!’ Then I realised that this is often not something to be pleased with . You know, in our world today, we tend to celebrate these heroes who are like, ‘Push yourself past your limits’ and blah blah. Actually, i feel there’s tons of injury in doing that. i feel balance may be a better way of doing it. i feel that pushing myself past my body’s limits almost killed me,” she said.

She began her blog The Yellow Diaries to share experience of living with cancer. She documented her successful battle with cancer in her memoir on the brink of The Bone, which came out last year.She may be a great example for all those people that are fighting with cancer that if we’ve the desire to fight everything is feasible .

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