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Twinkle Khanna spills beans on her ‘married life’ with Akshay Kumar.

We are always talking about how romantic newly married couples are. However, we rarely do consider the old couples in the B-town. However, today Twinkle Khanna came up in the news and we cannot help but gush over the adorable pictures.

Twinkle Khanna spills beans on her 'married life' with Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar’s wife, Twinkle Khanna is known for her humorous ways and as an author. The actor though a heartthrob at this age, seems to be still in love with his wife. She posted on her Instagram a few pictures with her husband and captioned “My niece took a series of pictures while we were chatting away and I think this is pretty much a representation of most marriages. You start off with your best smile and it goes progressively downhill:) The last picture is of me trying to intimidate him but managing to knock over my coffee instead! From Jab, We Met to What The Heck! #marriagediaries #bestfriends”  

They were seen laughing in the pictures. However, as the pictures went by, we could see how they were deep into the conversation. In the end, it seemed as Twinkle Khanna was trying to intimidate Kumar. The fans went crazy about the couple. 

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