Nitin Gadkari, who currently serves as the minister of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises for the government of India has called for job creation in rural areas as the need of the hour.

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He says it is essential to keep these enterprises in mind during the crisis faced due to coronavirus as they struggle to maintain themselves and return to normalcy. He pointed out that the country’s policies should really focus on creating job opportunities in this area.

He previously promoted the idea of creating smart villages instead of smart cities and talked about how the government is trying to ensure that the big enterprises disclose their dues pending to the micro, small and medium enterprises so that they can clear these payments.

He brought several points to attention during the launch of the report- Jobs, Growth and Sustainability: a new social contract for India’s recovery.

He said that the country is ready to get back on its feet and can afford to now export items abroad. He said that items like PPE kits, which were earlier being imported due to high demands, are actually now being manufactured in lakhs everyday by different enterprises in the country and can now be exported to other countries to help them fulfil their demands for such items.

Such a proposition is now under discussion with trade minister Piyush Goyal. These ideas will be looked at by the government after establishing a secure network for exporting these. Currently, it also faces the brunt of high intake of confirmed covid-19 cases in the country, making it a top priority to discuss strategies on curbing the same.

Nitin Gadkari has also applauded the work done by BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi after coming into power, says that “they achieved what Congress could not do in 55 years”. He claimed that their work to pursue the betterment of the nation has minimised and eradicated several issues, like that of Jammu and Kashmir as well as Maoist movements.

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