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UPSC 2020 Personality Test: Candidates to wear PPE for interviews.

With recent ongoing events of Social Distancing due to the widespread of novel Coronavirus, Special arrangements are being made in Union Public Service Commission UPSC to conduct the Personality test (PT) Interviews properly.

The final interviews of the 623 candidates would be conducted from July 20 to July 30 with adequate safety measures to be taken such as total contactless interviews to safeguard the interviewers and the interviewees appropriately.

“On reaching the Commission, all candidates will be provided with a ‘Sealed Kit’ consisting of a face mask, face shield, a bottle of sanitizer, and hand gloves. Since the Interview Boards generally consist of senior advisers, the Commission has taken all precautionary and safety measures for the contactless PTs in order to shield the interviewers and the interviewees appropriately,” the UPSC said in a statement on Monday.

Arrangements have been made for the regular sanitization and cleaning of all the rooms, halls and furniture wherein the interviews would be conducted. Social distancing would be taken care of while the students are being seated. Special arrangements have been made at all the venues to ensure safe interviewing. All the students must follow the protocols and guidelines strictly as issued by the UPSC Commission for appearing in the interview.

The candidates have been suitably informed in advance. In order to address the safety and health concerns of the candidates, expert advisers, and staff of the Commission, suitable arrangements have been put in place.

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