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U.S. Becomes The Worst Hit Country By Covid-19 Pandemic Death Toll Surpasses Italy

The United States of America is currently one of the countries Hits the worst by the Corona virus pandemic with its deaths toll set to reach 20,000. The death toll In the Country is currently surpassing that o f Italy. According to Johns Hopkins University The United States has a death toll of 20,071 while Italy currently has 19,468. New York a state in the US has the most cases. In the US for the past four days there have been about 2,000 deaths a day. The governors have had to call for $500 for more help. The deadly virus has infected about 1,760,000 people and killed about 107,000 people worldwide. In New York, mayor Bill de Blasio declared that all schools in the states will no longer open on April 20 especially as healthy experts have warned the government that lifting the restrictions too early could lead to easier spread of the virus.

When addressing New York on Saturday, the governor Andrew Cuomo said “You start to hear this dialogue on reopening, and you start to hear people with political theories on whether we should open faster”. The lockdown imposed in the United States has affected its economy and commerce to the extent of having the president consider reopening the economy. In March the government announced that about 701,000 jobs were lost because of the economy Arizona from the pandemic. According to reports in New York, a new call regarding the pandemic is picked up every 15.5 seconds and celebrating the Easter holidays has become impossible.

Arising from the large number of deaths in New York bodies were being buried in mass graves on Hart Island. A celebrity lawyer was also released from jail concerning the global pandemic. The President confirmed that all necessary measures were being taken to curb the spread of the virus and hoped that all things will soon return to normal.

Due to the number of job purging that was done in March, a large number of Americans are seeking unemployment benefits. The high number of Corona virus cases in the country is said to be caused by “Slow federal responses” and “patchwork state level approaches”.

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